Hi Steve,

I dreamed I was looking up from the yard of a home I had not seen before but it had a tree-house and a large python of 30 feet in length was wrapped around the base of the tree-house which was approximately 30 feet up. As I viewed the snake, it opened its eyes and awakened but moved slowly around the tree-house raising its head but did not descend and was not threatening. I knew I could easily outrun it. Next to it was a Tiger who opened its eyes and was making eye contact as to be ready to pounce upon me, but I was confident I could make it into the back door of the frame home I was seeing. At least that is, until I saw next to the Tiger and Snake was a large Bear and it was ready to spring down on me and I was as a man who could not move from his position. I knew I had to get up off the ground and get to the backdoor before the Bear dropped down upon me, for I knew he would surely tear me to pieces. I began to be able to move, but far too slowly to be spared… the dream ended without an outcome. I asked God about this and He gave me an interpretation, but I would prayerfully and respectfully ask you to interpret this and see if there is a consensus from the Lord. Feel free to publish this or use as a warning.

My interpretation is Satan is the snake and he is the prince of the power of the air and he is watching current events. The Tiger is China and they are ready to attack but not until the Bear (Russia) descends and attacks first. The U.S. is largely watching all the events unfold and paralyzed purposely and administratively by fear, apathy and prior arrangements to take down the USA. Our only hope is through the backdoor of shelter of Jesus and those that will fight and speak out in the final hour.


May 1, 2014

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