A war is coming sooner than we think
The signs abound you can see we’re on the brink
But like so many before I thought, we still have time
For on the brink could mean a thousand years, or so I was inclined

But God has given to me a word that came within my spirit
That the war is coming very soon, it was his voice and I could hear it
I praise Him for His mercy and waiting for me to listen
What is now upon us is not a theory someone envisioned

I asked what we then should do for I am not near ready
He told me just to stand with Him remaining true and steady
So I will stand my ground with the Almighty at my side
I will stand with Jesus Christ, His people, His spotless bride.

Now I’m expressing remorse for all the times I’ve strayed
I’m praying every second for judgment to be stayed.
God promised to heal our land if we would humble ourselves and pray
I am guilty of not doing my part thinking it was not today.

I should have warned the people of God that gather in our churches
But now it is much too late even now the enemy searches
For his moment to strike to bring us down and I don’t mean this nation
He wants to bring under his authority, man, the prize of God’s creation

This war when waged will have a twofold battle line
One line will be the physical war the second a spiritual line
The outcome of the physical battle will bring tragedy and strife
The outcome of the spiritual one is the difference between death and life

The outcome isn’t only about the nations or which army is involved
The outcome is about the Bride of Christ and has the church evolved
Into the spotless bride arraigned in garments of pure white
I don’t know what God sees but I have failed to shine the light

I thank God now, because He has shown mercy to me with grace
And I know it’s not yet too late to earnestly seek His face.
So many Christians just like me, they love God and they believe
But they haven't spent the time to prepare by staying on their knees.

The church just love’s to live, by playing on the fringes, of the world of sin
Now is the time for Soldiers of the cross to align themselves with Him
Put on the whole armor of God and trust in Him to bring us through
Trusting God and standing firm is all that we can do

We cannot change the prophetic events that yet are to unfold
We cannot change the hearts of men not the young and not the old
We can only check the heart that is our own to see that it aligns
With the light that illuminates our way the light that from Jesus shines

Let your fear be gone and loose your bond with earthly things
For His children will be safe when sheltered beneath His wings
He is a rock, a mighty fortress ,a strong tower to which we run
I offer praise for His protecting love to the Father, Spirit and the Son.

By Randy Conway

May 11, 2014

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