Lucid dream trip to Hell, Hell's plans for the financial markets-The bankers, leaders, and many of those who run most of the world worked with Hell and got orders from Hell, in exchange for power and wealth on earth.

I had this dream 2 days ago and I was aware I was dreaming. I believe it means that soon biometric financial controls (mark of the beast) will be ushered in soon in order to buy and sell and even sign into the internet. Please read and judge for yourself:

I dreamed I started following this man who was alive yet he had been summoned to a meeting in Hell. The bankers, leaders, and many of those who run most of the world worked with Hell and got orders from Hell, in exchange for power and wealth on earth. They could physically enter Hell to meet directly with demons. The man was low level but he had skills and knowledge the evil people and Hell wanted for a specific task. He was forced to come here under threat that his family will be killed; forced to sell out, as it were. I wanted to know what his mission was, even he didn’t know. He wore a business suit and hat straight out of the 1950’s. He wore a heavy worn out coat over top, with a scarf and all his clothing was very worn out. He had a brief case with him which seemed to be just for appearances only. He appeared to be a weak looking man with blonde hair and round little glasses. He looked maybe mid-30’s.

We entered an office building on the very outer edge of Hell’s territory. It was a very tall black smooth and shining glass building. We walked down a hall and got on an elevator. I could tell by the floors listed that this building was 47 stories. We got out and we entered a large open area that reminded of a grand mall or hotel. It had white floors, marble columns, and people walking around in white clothing. There were offices everywhere filled with demons actually interacting electronically with Wall Street, and communicating in real time over the internet with human business partners to make sure the humans serving Hell got the success they wanted in life, so they would continue to serve Hell’s long range plans to rule the earth. This area was beautiful and had white light like sunlight lighting the place. The workers out walking around on the floor looked like nice humans were all very kind and soft spoken, as if angelic. I asked one of these workers if they knew Hell’s mission for the man was. She didn’t know. I realized the people not in the offices and were out on the floor were empty shells and were not people at all; it as if they were puppets. I lost track of the man I was following. Hell was filled with fear and evil plans. Something big was going to go down on earth soon, and this very ordinary weak man will carry it out.

I believe with all financial transactions and business deals I was seeing in Hell, that this deal or mission might be one of creating a major global financial crisis that could usher something in like a global dictatorship or the mark of the beast in order to buy or sell, but that is my speculation. The hollow people are the servants of the New World Order, and the man with the hat and glasses on represents America's economy itself, that was once robust back in the 1950's but completely worn out, and American families threatened to be eliminated all together through deliberate destruction of the family through social engineering. The New World Order will lie to the Americans saying that if they take the mark of the beast, there families will not be harmed!

May 13, 2014

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