Hello and thank you for all that you have done over the years and continue
to do. The dream section is very thought provoking and I have had a few
dreams and a few visions. I only feel released to share one and then an
actual event that might help others.
Two years ago I was having a regular dream when I heard a voice say, "Come
here." I opened my eyes and a being was standing there. He came over and
took my hand, I believe I was fully awake as I got up and was checking to
make sure my nightclothes were okay.We walked through the wall of my house
and I was astonished as it felt weird. We came outside of my bedroom window
and I was so taken aback by the experience that I started touching the
brick wall and wondering how this could be. The being admonished me to pay
attention several times. I finally got a hold of myself and paid attention.
The being said l,"look at the real foundation of your home." I looked and
it looked fine to me, I noted it was dark outside, my bare feet in the
grass and that I was outside my bedroom wall/window. The being said
"Watch." It was like I had xray vision, all of a sudden I saw the
foundation fill with water, then rot and mold appeared and then it
crumbled and then it vanished. I was disturbed. The being said "Look" and
he pointed and a massive crack appeared in front of me and it spread
rapidly, it was miles deep and fire was coming out of it and it spread
rapidly across the yard and park and I got the sense it was spreading
across America, that America was literally going to be split all the way
across. I was overwhemed and while standing there in pure shock someone
came up behind me and put there hand in mine and I was immediately filled
with peace and knew Jesus would be with each of us. I got the sense there
was a message for me about the condition I was in at the time-deep
depression over divorce, and a real one of what was going to happen to
America soon.

Dec 7, 2012

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