After reading brother bob s warning for July first I went to take a shower from the days work , while doing so I was brought to my knees in repentance of my sins

. I've been keeping up with brother bobs visions and
even though he threw out the date July first, I feel that if if america was
given the exact day and time ,we as a nation would still harden our hearts.
But as a siren note on this subject , Billy Graham's daughter has
recently asked for all of us here in America to fast a and pray for the
first week of July , which I found interesting ,. Prayer for the 7 th
month for the first 7 days of the month. Its not too late for the sinner
but I am sad to say that I believe it is to late for this nation. Whether
July first or tomorrow morning ,I don't know but in my heart of hearts I
know that the Lord is going to do as He says He will do. Well just wanted
to share with you and your readers if possible . I've been a long time
reader of your site and thank God for the information I receive from this
site . I pray God protects you Steve , and may God have mercy on all of us

Jun 24, 2014

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