Dear Steve, Here are some things you might find interesting. Oh I do have the police report for all the good it does as the usually do not go after petty thieves. You have my permission to share these as you see fit. Last January of 2013 I was staying temporarily in Great Falls. What a bleak place. I was standing on a Saturday afternoon in the Christian bookstore called Christian Family Book Store. It was about 2 pm and I was taken off in a vision. I saw that I and two other people were standing on something I could nmot make out at first. There was a counternclockwise whirlwind with all kinds of debris going around inside it. There was pieces of wood, dirt and trash of all kinds in it but it did not touch me. I hear and see in the spirit realm. The storm stopped and I looked down and I was standing on a giant copy of the Bible. The Lord spoke and said, 'as long as you stand firm on my Word though everything be around you nothing shall touch you'! Thence was no dirt or even a speck of dust on it. Then a couple days later, about three, I saw the same storm then after it stopped I was on that same giant Bible and saw into the sky a golden color with the Lord and his angels coming to this earth. Nothing was said this time. The third one was a week after the first one. At first I was in the same spot on that Bible but this time there was no storm. Then I was moved off to the side of it and there were well dressed people standing on the same book. God spoke and said, many will come and stand with you on a no compromise preaching, teaching and living of the Holy Scriptures. The last one was while living here on Cebu island. While waiting for my afternoon meal God once more took me into a vision. No storm. Instead two men came to the giant size Bible and was trying to shovel dirt on it to bury it. The dirt came back flying into their face. So they shoveled more vigorously. The harder they tried the worse it was for them. So they tried to set it on fire with a lighter and it did not work. So as a last effort they got an acetyline torch and it work not work either. So they climbed up on top and took the both of them to open it and they started to read it in the book of Matthew. They then looked at me and said Henry, yes they called me by name, this is the Word of God. We had no idea what this book was ex cept we were told to destroy it. They read some more then asked me if I would go to the waters edge and baptize them. They asked me a second time and I said I would be privileged to. When in the water on of them said "look"! I looked and saw as far as I could see people in baptismal robes lined up for their turn to come to Christ. Steve you and I know that in these times God does give visions, dreams, miracles and our marching orders. I am still humbled by these visions he gave to a piece of sinful trash washed in His Son's blood. He picked you and I up our of the sewer and washed away our sins in the most precious blood of the Lamb. Washed us again with the water of his Word. Took our filthy rags and threw them in the burn pile and gave us the robe of His righteousness and eye salve that we may See and have us stand before Him clothed new in a sinless robe. I was in that sewer of sin but no more. Jesus stepped in and changed all that. Now you and I and others like us have a story to tell and a Message to give to a dying world. Since He saved people like us He can and will save them too.There are other visions plus the things I went through in this house. I will send you more as I want to share with you so you can share this with others to help call those out of those sleeping and snoring churches. Hey Steve, I thought of new book title or sermon, Whimps, Weanies, Wooses and Whiners! Maybe they can have some cheese with that whine...he he. I just had to say that in humour. Oh last year I went through that earthquake. It was an up and down type. I just took my bath on the 18th of October and God warned me a week before it happened that it would be stronger than the last one I felt at 6.7! When it hit I looked up at the second floor ceiling where my room is and prayed that the roof would not fall on me. It just kept going the. I got mad and said "in Jesus name STOP!!!!! Three seconds later it stopped! Danny and His wife was here when I said that. It was a 7.2! God told me the strength before the news made it official. We had hundreds of after shocks for weeks. Then I had the sixth stroke two weeks after. Danny put me on a chair near the door form fresh air and said oh My God. It lasted ten minutes then stopped. God spoke and said Satan put six strokes on you but I will not allow another one. Then then most powerful storm ever hit the island next to me the island of Leyte. Had winds to 230 mph!!! Here were over one hundred and the house shuddered but stood strong that God! The water came under the door as fast as I could sweep it out. I think this is enough for now as you are a very busy man of God. Had to tell you some of this. There is a lot more but next email. God bless you brother and take care....Henry

Jun 28, 2014

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