I follow your writings and listen to your messages on various radio
programs. I want to thank you and pray God's anointing, leadership, wisdom,
protection, and blessing on you and your family in the name of Jesus.

I received this dream around the first of December and wanted to share it.
I fail to remember all of it, but felt compelled to write it out.

I was in a long hallway with numerous other people. The hallway was
something like you would see in a school or government building. We were
trying to reach the exit doorways, but there were large men who would
wrestle with each person trying to leave and throw them back into the
crowd. Eventually as these men were occupied with others, I was able to
sneak past and exit through the doorway.

The courtyard was dark and gloomy. In the middle stood an entity who
appeared similar to a Japanese geisha. The figure was very tall, dressed
in black with a white outline that was illuminated like neon light. I
couldn't tell if the entity was male or female, but it held a giant leaf
that was black and outlined in white neon. It was fanning the leaves in
the surrounding trees with the giant leaf, and a faint mist would blow
towards the leaves in the trees while the leaves fluttered from the wind.

At that point I had a realization, or I heard a voice that said "This is
why My people are asleep".

The entity turned and looked me directly in the eye. I felt a wave of
terror come over me and knew this thing was evil. I realized that this
thing perceived my presence, and I was afraid. It was then that I woke up
and realized I had called out in my sleep "Oh God in Heaven".

I have been astounded how Christians and Churches have been so silent
during recent times regarding the erosion of our liberties and the
expansion of sinful practices in our country. Our people embrace the
things God labeled abominations, and yet we stand silently by. I believe
there are super-natural delusional forces at work that are preventing
Christians from seeing the truth. I believe these forces are keeping
non-Christians in darkness too.

Thank you Steve for all that you do and for the words you continue to shout
from the hilltop.

May God bless you richly !R.J.

Dec 11, 2012

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