She heard them speaking in Russian laughing and gesturing about what seemed to be how they killed someone

I am writing to share my wifes dream which seems consistent with the dream
posted 6/28/14. Of note: over the last two years my wife has had several
very vivid (and not characteristic of how she normally dreams regarding
details, subject matter, etc) dreams that are literal snapshots (or
historical fiction types) of the future, including confirming elements in
the dreams I prayed for without her knowledge (I prayed, without her
knowing, if they were from God to have xyz in the dream that otherwise
would not be there, and when my wife told me the dream, it was there! Also
please note I asked God for the dreams to be literal as I just dont get
metaphorical dreams. Lol). We are believers in Jesus Christ, our Lord, who
came in the flesh and died and rose again for our sins. HE is LORD!
In the middle to early days of June, she dreamed that she was walking down
the road from a former residence (small farm) in NJ, near the NY border.
Half a mile down the road was an old country store. It had been owned by a
family that has owned it for generations she knew before, but now there was
a different owner. It was winter time with snow everywhere. No snowplows
anytime recently (as in at all that winter). She noticed in the snow on the
road unusually large aggressive tire tracks (military type). Homes were
mostly boarded up as they were without windows but people were living in
them. She walked down road into the former mom and pop store. Cameras
everywhere. Prices were astronomically priced. Canned goods were most
expensive. Maybe $20 or $40 each (she wasnt sure, just that they were
ridiculous) or more for a can, before that they would have been maybe .80
my wife looked surprised at the prices and the owner shot her a glance that
said dont look surprised cause it would give away you were not from around
here. She left the store and walked further down the road. Between the
store and a very old red barn (that had maybe been there since the 30 in
real life), she noticed a group of young (early to late 20s) guys, 3-4 of
them all dressed in brown head to toe including leather jacket that was
light brown, pants dark brown, fur liners on jacket, Russian type hat with
the ears, and the men were laughing and talking huddled around a 55 gallon
drum that had a fire inside to help keep warm. Expensive black SUVs
(Navigator or Escalade?) were nearby. She noticed people were in the
boarded up homes but didnt want to come outside due to fear. She also
noticed the road was thick with snow as in it had hard packed snow that
might be six inches or more of packed depth suggesting no snow removal that
winter. The men looked at her and she got the feeling it wasnt good idea to
be walking there whether due to being a woman or not she was not sure. The
men had rifles. The rifles the men had, by her description (she doesnt know
foreign guns very well at all but her description was clear) were pretty
clearly short AK 74's with skeleton stocks. She heard them speaking in
Russian laughing and gesturing about what seemed to be how they killed
someone. Then the dream ended. M.W.

Jul 2, 2014

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