Hi Steve,
My name is Mari. I wanted to share with you a dream I had last night. I
dreamt there was what I thought was a ghost in my house, I was battling
with it (I was afraid) trying hard to cast it out in Jesus name, it
wouldn't go at some point I stopped struggling with him long enough for him
to ask me "Why do you cast me out in the name of whom I come?" It was not a
ghost, but an angel. All I could do was listen and a peace filled me and he
said "I bring for you a message." And he pulled out a scroll. As he
unrolled it I saw a picture of a horse. The horse was in a running stance,
determined. (The white horse in Rev. I believe) under his picture was words
written in Hebrew I could not read. He unrolled the scroll further and
there was the first trumpet and under it words written in Hebrew. Again he
unrolled the scroll further and I saw a second horse. It was angry, reared
up on his hind leg punch the air with his front hooves (the second seal,
the second horse, the fiery red one) and under him were words written in
Hebrew. One more time he unrolled the scroll and I saw a picture of a
second trumpet and under it words written in Hebrew. I looked up I could
not speak but the question in me asked what is this and the answer came to
my heart in unspoken words "It is where we are at; it is NOW!" when I awoke
The Lord lead me to Rev chapter 5 and I read from there through the
trumpets and understood what I had dreamt. M.

Steve~She should begin journaling her dreams and she will see a pattern emerging in the way the Lord speaks to her and shows her of things to come.

Remember several months ago when I was awakened by two very long and very loud trumpet blasts in this very quiet valley? She heard correctly! That time is here NOW! ~Romy

Dec 11, 2012

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