Dream of Spiritual War

Dream of Spiritual War
Joe T
November 9, 2012

Early this morning before I woke up, I had a dream from the Lord – about WAR. The Lord has spoken to me many times in dreams, and I recognized immediately that this was from God. It was a long, involved dream, broken up into several parts. It depicted a spiritual war; not an earthly human war, as the enemy combatants were not human, but demonic. And they were fighting against men – uniformed American soldiers.

The first part of the dream was epic – an enormous, fierce, bloody battle. The enemy landed well inland in huge aerial battle ships, like Marine Corps amphibious ships. The instant they landed the enemy troops poured out and immediately opened fire with conventional, military weapons. But the enemy combatants were actually giants, maybe 20’-30’ tall, humanoid in shape, but with abnormally/freakishly large upper bodies and heads. They poured out in the thousands, dressed in military uniforms with helmets, and were firing standard military weapons – assault rifles, machine guns, RPG’s, etc. They were fearless, almost drone-like, and immediately ran to attack the American soldiers. The American soldiers, in the thousands, were already on the battlefield, and immediately responded by running into and attacking the ranks of the enemy, firing with similar weapons. Both sides were within each other’s lines in virtual hand-to-hand combat/gunfight. The battle was absolutely frenetic, as both sides inflicted enormous casualties on each other. There was no abatement whatsoever in intensity or manpower, as thousands more poured into the battle from both sides. I was struck by the fearlessness and immediate reaction of the soldiers (no sappy, sentimental, biased patriotism on my part, just a dispassionate observation), in spite of the dire circumstances and likelihood of death. Nobody ran; nobody flinched; nobody yelled, “Man down! Medic!” They just fought like disciplined warriors, as men died by the hundreds all around them. Then the scene ended.

The war continued into the next scene, where I was a U.S. Army Ranger attached to a ground force commander of a big army infantry brigade, as a subject-matter-expert on the enemy and their tactics, as I already had first-hand experience in fighting an alien enemy that they had not yet engaged. We were massing for an assault, with a strike force consisting of an infantry brigade, a Ranger battalion, and some sort of truck/transportation company. I specifically remember the detail of turning to the officer next to me and asked him if he was the ground force commander, and he replied that he was. He was so young (maybe late thirties) and a little nervous, so I looked at his rank patch in the center of his chest, and saw the black eagle of a full bird colonel, which I figured was the appropriate rank for a brigade commander. I knew in my heart that the casualties would be so heavy that this colonel would probably be killed early on in the fighting, so I turned and yelled to the rest of the large group of soldiers around me, “Who’s second in command?” Another relatively young officer said, “I am.” “Are you the XO?” I asked. “No”, he replied. So I said, “So you’re another unit’s commander?” assuming command of the strike force would default to him. “Yes,” he confirmed. I continued to ask the group who was third, fourth, and fifth in command, because I had to know who to advise/counsel as the battle progressed, as most of these guys could be killed.

During the emergently-quick planning of this assault, I was assigned the task of leading a smaller, platoon-sized element in a night mission to reconnoiter the exact enemy position, strength, etc., radio back the intel to command, and then immediately engage the enemy at their location, while the rest of the assault force would commence their attack. Knowing full well the bloody and uncertain reality of these battles, I seriously wondered if I would even survive by the time the rest of the assault force arrived. Just prior to moving forward, I remember yelling out to all the other soldiers, “Hey, watch where you’re shooting. Know your targets, watch your backgrounds. Don’t shoot your buddies!” I was very concerned for everybody, because of the chaotic, close-quarter nature of these battles, it would be so easy, really unavoidable, to keep from shooting your own guys. Then the scene ended.

The war continued into the next scene, where I now found myself in a forward staging area at night just behind the front lines. There were thousands of American troops in combat gear loading up on ammunition, grenades, kits, weapons, etc. just before moving forward. Even though I remembered the unit size in the first assault, I looked around and there had to be at least 30,000 troops maybe more quickly massing for an attack. I was in a similar role as the previous scene, and was, like the others, frantically trying to resupply my kit with the standard combat load of 7 magazines with 30 rounds each, so I could rejoin my unit for the attack. I would go into these huge green tents filled with military equipment of every kind, as I looked for ammo, and I remember marveling at the enormity of every kind of military equipment that we (the American military) had at our disposal –even at the front lines. I found stores of 5.56mm ammo and began frantically loading them into different sized magazines, but they were all the wrong sizes –for different weapons, not what I needed for my M-4. I was getting worried and anxious that I might not make it back to my unit in time for their departure. I remembered (in the middle of my dream) how in previous dreams like this, this had been a recurring problem for me – not being properly prepared/sufficiently resupplied and/or being late getting back to my unit for their departure. So, I started to cry out to the Lord, “Lord, why is this happening to me again? I thought I had taken the necessary corrective actions so this wouldn’t happen again and here I am having the same problem! I’ve poured Your Word into my heart (loaded up on ammo); I am daily fighting with the Sword of the Spirit against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places; I’m praying in the Spirit at all times; I am engaged. What’s going on? What am I doing wrong?” And then the scene ended, and I woke up. Needless to say, I was still in anguish over my apparent lack, and continued my prayer to the Lord in earnest. I am still seeking Him, even as I commit this dream to written record.

As to the interpretation of the dream, at the time, it seemed self-evident. We are currently engaged in deadly, violent, spiritual warfare – with real, horrific casualties – on both sides. The enemy is fearless, relentless and desperate, and is throwing everything into the fight. We MUST do the same! We MUST be fully engaged!
But also, now that I continue to reflect on it, this dream may have a literal component to it as well, in that the United States may well be about to enter a desperate, life-and-death war on its own soil, with major foreign powers invading our own land. Remember, the spiritual comes first, then it manifests in the physical realm. I have had several dreams from the Lord depicting absolutely titanic, epic warfare – worse than the fighting on the eastern front of WWII – with apocalyptic numbers of casualties. I sense this is coming to America – soon.

A servant of Jesus Christ,
- Joe T

Aug 16, 2014

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