Light is slipping away and darkness is steadily growing Faith is slipping away while evil seeds we’re sowing

Light is slipping away and darkness is steadily growing
Faith is slipping away while evil seeds we’re sowing
Men now acclimated to, and embracing the growing dark
Delusions seize their minds and hardness grips their hearts.

Soon the light will be no more and in the darkness dangers loom
With drawn curtains to be unseen men gather in a darkened room
The sun will not light the way and our pathway will be dark
Evil plans are drafted and on the final journey we have embarked.

Within the darkness fear is nurtured and an impending terror’s grown
Within the darkness a pandemic grows unlike any man has known
Within the darkness the tempest of nature have begun to churn
Within the darkness intercessors are at work praying men will learn.

Praying the evil plans of evil men will not prevail
The plans for evil that Satan birthed in hell.
Now from the darkness grows a famine, can you hear the hungry cry?
And God says “You have not returned to me” and He questions why?

From the darkness comes a mighty wind blowing across the land
destroying all that is in its path, devastation on every hand
and God says to the man, “ You have not returned to me.”
From the darkness He has called to us while we refuse to hear or see.

Out of the darkness the water rises and there comes a massive flood.
Nature now seems hungry with a lust for spilling blood.
God cries out again to man “you have not returned to Me.”
While rulers sit in darkened rooms nations planning in futility.

With intensity a fire burns inside the darkness, the flame it yields no light.
And God says, “You have not returned to Me and yet I offer sight.”
Inspired by darkness the plans of men become the plans of war
But when the war is realized their planning will be no more.

The labor pains are growing closer, the Bible predicts our destiny
The cry of heaven now sent to earth; “The time is now! Return to me.”
The darkness will be dispelled by an everlasting Light
There will be no need of the sun by day nor the moon at night.

The Light of the World has conquered darkness and the plans of Satan's hordes
With bowing knees all tongues confess that Light is the Lord of Lords
Those who heard the call as God cried out “Return to Me”
will escape eternal darkness, living with the light for all eternity.
By Randy Conway

Aug 25, 2014

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