On Monday night I received the following dream.

It seemed that I was somewhere in the American west. I was standing on a hillside, watching a group of people walking away from me, across a plain or valley, towards a mountain. Somehow I knew these people were Christians. As I watched them, helicopters came in from my left. They began to fire on the people below without warning. The odd thing was they fired arrows instead of bullets. It was like the scene from the movie '300'. The sky was literally darkened by the number of arrows. In a very short time most of the people on the ground were either dead or wounded. When the number of uninjured was reduced to no more than 20% a strange thing happened. The arrows fired by the helicopters started to circle around and hit the choppers. This stopped the men inside to stop shooting. The helicopters then flew off. Those who were uninjured or at least still able to move continued their journey towards the mountain. I moved down the hill and joined them.

Once the mountain was reached, the people broke up into small groups, each one headed to a different place. One man asked me to join him. He said he knew a town where we would be welcome. I went with him. We reached a small town in the mountains somewhere and he went right to one certain house. I was a little behind him. He walked up the steps to the porch and knocked on the front door, which was opened and he was greeted like a long lost relative. As I went to the porch, I saw a giant lying on the ground, asleep. I had to step over his legs to get to the house. Something, I don't remember what, caught my eye on the ground. I stopped to crouch down and look at it. It was then that the giant woke up and stood up. He had to be twelve feet tall at the minimum. For a moment he seemed to look right at me. Then I realized he was looking through me. I was invisible to him. He had no clue that I was there. I went into the house.

When I entered the house, there were a number of people who were getting ready for some kind of celebration. There were three women who came to me to show me a white cake that wasn't quite ready yet, but they felt it important to show it to me. I was told by one of them, 'This is your opha'. It was then that I woke up.

The word 'opha' was on my mind. I knew I'd heard it before, but couldn't remember where or what it meant, so I looked it up. The word comes from the Greek. It is a kind of slang that means 'bravo' or more importantly, 'WELL DONE'. Maybe you have seen movies like 'Zorba The Greek' where they are having a party with dancing and such. From time to time you will hear them holler to one another 'Opha'. Once I understood the meaning of the word, I understood the dream. This is my understanding.

We know from scripture that most Christians will not survive the coming persecution. These are the people killed by the helicopters. The plain or valley is the valley of decision. Many will die there. The mountain is the place or places of refuge and protection provided by The Lord. In my opinion, simply reaching one of these places when the time comes is certainly a case of 'WELL DONE thou good and faithful servant'. In my depression, The Lord has shown me that not persecution, not military attack or even giants will stop me from reaching the place he has set aside for me.

Yours in Christ,

Travis O. Dean

Dec 19, 2012

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