The Illuminist and Banksters are Satan’s willing tools Deceiving noble men and soldiers, playing them for fools

It has been said that war is hell
But I think there is yet more to tell
Children are to war the Bankster’s fodder
War kills our sons and war rapes our daughters

War is power’s evil consort and has an insatiable appetite
Outcomes bring no satisfaction, nor does blood or the fight
The power hungry consort with war for their personal gain
And with blood, like the ground, their hearts are stained

War changes men forever, the landscape war destroys
Most see what is apparent not knowing darkness was employed.
A darkness that corrupts the soul to find pleasure within war
Pleasure in destroying men for money and always wanting more

The widows and orphans, the innocent and lied-to dead
To evil have no value and to the dragon they are fed
Heroes fight for what they believe to be a great and noble cause
Darkness reveals just enough truth that soldiers battle without pause

The travesty of war is much more than the fact that men have died
The travesty of war is men sacrificed for truth which was all the while a lie
Satan always uses truth to cover his deceptions
And the lies of hell are never realized by the mass perception.

The Illuminist and Banksters are Satan’s willing tools
Deceiving noble men and soldiers, playing them for fools
The New World Order is being bought and the currency is man
The Luciferian Elite wade through blood for the completion of their plan.

The old world must be destroyed before the new one can take its place
The conflicts stirred around the globe are a war against the human race
Do Satan’s demons march with men as they push towards war?
What evidence exists to prove the truth, the truth regarding war?

Mothers strapping bombs on babies; this is truly a Satanic cause
Brides are willing widows, sacrificing husbands without pause
A noble man stands for a noble cause while evil needs no reason to pursue war
Men possessed stalk the world shedding innocent blood and seeking more

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, ISIS; are examples of men possessed
The Illuminati, Masons, New World Order, seeking Atlantis, men obsessed
Nephilim, Anunaki, Ancient Aliens, Fallen Angels and even more
These are the minions of Satan and the motive behind wars

Too many lies, too many died, and the enemy is strong
How will we fair in the days ahead? Will right defeat the wrong?
When we realize the fight’s not ours but the battle belongs to the Lord
We must fall on our face, seek His grace and watch His terrible swift sword.

Those who are aware know that war is at our door
Those who have listened know that famine is at hand
Those who see know disease comes like a raging sea
Those who for forgiveness plead will endure through Satan’s siege.

Yes war is hell so we are told, yet war and hell continue marching on
And there is coming a final battle that will be waged before all war is gone
If you’re not rising to the call of duty coming from the Lord
You will not survive the future and you’ll be judged with Satan’s hordes

By Randy Conway

Sep 26, 2014

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