I woke up this morning having experienced a dream. I call it a dream, but it was something else, but I lack the words to describe what it actually was.
My “dream” took place in the evening, outside, at dusk. People were all gathered around, looking up at the sky and waiting. For what, I didn’t understand. It seemed as though nobody could continue on without the sign that they were looking for. Then, an object appeared in the sky. I refer to it as a craft, as it was lighted and looked like something from the old Asteroids video game. At the same time, God pulled the sky back like a window shade to show me that this “sky”, the sky everybody was looking at, was not the real sky. The real sky was above this imposter sky, but nobody could see it. They were all still staring at the imposter sky, and craft.
At the next point in my dream, I was running from something. I remember I had to get to my home, and feeling great fear. But I was also confused in my dream. Didn’t they tell me I was safe, and didn’t have anything to worry about? Still, I ran. I decided I needed to hide in my son’s attic on the third floor. When I reached the top of the stairs, I looked out the window, and there was a blond man, who was foreign (Russian?), after me.
When I got to the attic, my husband and three children were already there. Next, my husband was showing 3 men through our house, convincing them we were not a threat, and they had nothing to worry about.
They did not kill us. Instead, because we passed that test, we were given job tickets. These tickets were given to everybody, children too. My son was given a job ticket that would take him to another country. We had no choice in the matter, either accept your assignment, or be killed. I felt such sadness in my dream, knowing I would never see my son again.
Then, there was commotion in the street. A boy my youngest son attends school with was shot dead in the street. His crime? He accidentally dropped his job ticket. I remember thinking, “they are shooting him to install fear, and make an example of him.”

And then she was awakened by the Holy Spirit.

Dec 21, 2012

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