Love is not lost nor is love suffering poor health
Love has just been perverted so that men now love only self.
Of course love is not reserved only for one’s self
Love is clearly abundant when you consider man’s love of wealth.

The days ahead, so it is said, will be difficult, dangerous, painful and perilous
We must be prepared for savage times that will become most grievous.
Men will become headstrong and haughty forsaking any self-control
Unthankful, unloving, unholy, unforgiving that will be man’s role.

Are these warnings of days to come or have these days arrived?
The learned men increase in knowledge while clinging to their lies
Acknowledging the possibility of a god or some form of higher power
But all the while denying that there is a Mighty God with all-consuming power.

Comparing what is said to come with what is here today,
Is a frightening revelation of what the scriptures say.
Loving pleasure, a world of traitors, brutal men despising what is good
They would destroy any man who interferes with them if they only could.

All these words were warnings to a young man long ago
Telling him that evil men will deceive both the young and old.
And those who desire to live a godly life will suffer for their faith.
We must then become equipped, for the days to come will not be safe.

Are these words warnings of the things the future will provide?
Or a revealing to those who see that the future has arrived?
Those who have ears must hear, and those with eyes must see
The way of the world is scripture fulfilled not just an anomaly.

By Randy Conway

Oct 25, 2014

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