The Great Day of the Lord and His Chastening Rod.

The Great Day of the Lord and His Chastening Rod.
Keep silent and listen so that you may hear
The warning proclaiming the Day of the Lord is near
God with outstretched arms will sweep across the land
And death will follow every movement of His hand

Those who trust in their silly superstitions
Those who know not God but only their religion
Will hear the cries and cover their ears from the wailing
From the crash in the hills the sound of Heaven assailing.

The Day of the Lord is coming quickly it is very near
Listen to the cry it comes with bitter tears
The shouting of the warrior will pierce unto the sky
It is a day of trumpets sounding, a day of battle cry

That day will be a day of anguish and a day of wrath
A day filled with distress with trouble at our backs
Blackness and darkness, clouds and gloom
In the fire of His jealousy the world will be consumed.

Silver will be worthless and gold will be the same
This day is coming because the people have profaned
His name, the Almighty God and have not revered the Lord
It is our sin and depravation that have brought today this sword

Gather together, gather together all you nations
Before it’s too late we must make reparations
Seek the Lord all you humble in the land
Seek the Lord all who do what He commands

We must seek humility and righteousness
Seek it now before our time has all egressed
If we humble ourselves before Almighty God
We can be spared this chastening rod.

Zephaniah 1
By Randy Conway

Oct 27, 2014

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