Dream about Russian and US planes in air combat over US

Dear Brother Steve,

I had a dream the other night that has been bothering me and I think I need to let you know.

In my dream, I looked up in the sky and saw 4 airplanes flying very close together, not in formation but clearly within each other's site. They were all different. Two fighters and two troop carriers, would be my best guess. I have spent a bit of time in private planes having dated a professional corporate pilot with a small private plane for 10 years, so I have an idea about types of planes, formation flying, etc.

I was actually frozen watching them, terrified and thinking something was very wrong. Suddenly, one of the fighter-types and one of the big troop carrier types both were in flames and falling toward the earth. I "sensed" it was an air battle between US and Russian planes.

Here's one of the important things: This was in plain sight (no pun intended) I believe over the US civilian territory somewhere in the Midwest was my feeling. Anyone could see this. However, it was not reported, it was covered up, and if anyone tried to report it, it was denied that this occurred.

I think it was the US fighter and troop ship that were destroyed in this battle.

I just wonder if your connections are reporting this type of activity to you.

God bless and keep us all safe,


Nov 1, 2014

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