SIN BLINDS, BINDS AND GRINDS (The short story of Sampson)

SIN BLINDS, BINDS AND GRINDS (The short story of Sampson)

Samson the judge by God was appointed
He was consecrated at birth and his life was anointed
But his eyes were averted and by sin he was enticed
In payment for sin his anointing was sacrificed

The cost of his sin demanded him bound
Tied up with ropes his strength could not be found
This was not nearly the end of his plight
Next sin demanded that he give up his sight

Finally he was placed into the prison house of sin
Where he was taunted and jeered by all who saw him
Deposed from the honor which he formerly owned
He was an animal to grind grain turning mill stones

The moral of the story that I’m telling here
Is the same today whenever sin is drawn near
Sin binds and it blinds then finally it grinds
It happens when we let sin conquer our mind

But just as when Samson cried out in repentance
God brought an end to his prison and sentence
Jesus offers forgiveness and freedom from sin
When we in repentance will call upon Him.

By Randy Conway

Nov 6, 2014

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