Dream about an Attack on the Super Dome :The terrorists were dressed in the full garb that you see on television and they all were holding automatic weapons.

Dream about an Attack on the Super Dome

Last night I had a dream about a terrorist attack on the Super Dome just
before a Saints game was about to start. It actually occurred in the early
morning and it was sort of a dream/vision, because I was half awake and
half asleep at the time.
In the dream I saw the fans in the stands getting ready for the game.
Strangely there was no one and nothing on the field, but the stands were
full and everyone was getting ready for the game to start. All of a sudden
I saw a bunch of terrorists come onto the field from the tunnel I guess,
but I am not exactly sure. The terrorists were dressed in the full garb
that you see on television and they all were holding automatic weapons.
There were about 10 or 12 of them I would guess and they split up, ran to
both side lines and pointed their guns up at the crowd. They were all about
equal distance apart and they started firing the guns into the crowd. Most
of the people ducked under their chairs or got down as best they could away
from the gun fire. Some tried to get away by going up the stairs.
At this point I was watching the game from my place on the television.
I started flipping around the stations and every channel was showing the
same thing. The commentators were saying they thought that hundreds had
been killed. They were all saying different figures, but I got the feeling
is somewhere between 200-500 dead. After that the terrorists were reading
a list of demands on TV, but I do not know what they were saying or what
the demands were. Then two guillotines were wheeled into the stadium and
set up on the field on both sides. The terrorists started bringing people
down from the crowd and lining them up in front of each one. One by one
they started beheading the fans on live national television.
I started calling everyone I knew to turn this one and watch it. When I
was one the phone, I got down on my knees and started weeping it was so
horrific. The next thing that happened was some kind of military
helicopter flew over the stadium and somehow blew a hole in the roof. The
helicopter stated firing down on the field at the terrorists. I could not
see if any of them had been hit, but the terrorists rolled in some kind of
surface to air missile at this point. They fired the missile at the
helicopter and it hit, but I could not see if the helicopter crashed or was
able to fly off to safety. That was the end of the dream and I woke up.
I did not get any type of a time frame on this and I do not know who
the Saints were going to play on that day. I pray this does not happen of
course, but I thought I should get it out there any way that I can.
I want to thank you, Hawk, the Hagmanns, V, and everyone else out there,
that is telling the truth about what is going on in this world. I started
researching the new world order and what is going on back in the 1995 to
1996 time frame and I have learned so much since then. I pray that you
will continue to have the platform to tell the truth to the American people
as this whole thing crumbles.

God Bless

Nov 8, 2014

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