In the beginning in the garden where the man and woman dwelt
There was a serpent quite beguiling and the serpent felt
That he should be as God and be worshiped as the same
And so he approached the woman in order to play his little game.

Now it was to the woman a little lie was introduced
And by this lie the man and woman were both seduced
From the serpents heart came the lie and the woman was then awed
To think that by disobedience she too could be as God

From this early beginning the lie began to spread
And generations throughout centuries on this lie have fed
From pharaohs to Cesar’s, from Kings and queens and even pawn
All have harbored in their hearts the desire to be as God.

Hitler, Hall and Pike, Baily, Blavatsky and Kurzwell all searching for immortality
Trans humanist agendas thrive looking for Atlantis denying their mortality
Through generations the lie has thrived and its adherents fought and clawed
All believing the serpents lie that they could be as God.

From Eden to Armageddon nothing has or will ever really change
Men enticed by the serpents lie, that God hood they might claim
The blood of Jesus was shed to stop the destruction of this lie
For our forgiveness and eternity the Son of God did die.

There is no truth on Satan’s words from the garden to today
It is his goal to be as God and those opposing him he will slay
The fear of death is relieved only through the cross
Those who believe the lie will remain eternally lost.

By Randy Conway

Nov 11, 2014

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