And there were giants in the earth in those days
This is not myth or fiction this is what the Scriptures say
The men of old who became the men of renown
The evidence of their exploits can still be found

“The world is full of giants”
“As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be”
What could these words mean to you and me?
Did not the giants of Noah’s day feed upon men’s flesh?
How will we survive a world of ubiquitous Gilgamesh?

“We were like a wind appearing out of nowhere”

Denial makes us comfortable and we believe if we ignore
The words of the Scripture and the prophets repeated o’er and o’er,
That the events to come can be called just another theory
And things can be laughed away by calling them conspiracy.

“Trust what we feel in our guts, in our hearts”

Giants, we believe belong in myths or legend or lore
They’re acceptable kept in story books and movies but nothing more
We are too consumed with admiring the work of our own hands
To see the things of prophecy or mysteries moving across the land

“Then we’re ready”

The disciples of Jesus were enamored with the Temple and its construction
But while they we’re saying “Look,” Jesus said to “Watch” there is coming a destruction.
The destruction is upon us, we did not see it coming, and the seed is now corrupt
What miscegenation has changed our seed; what gateways have been opened and what will next erupt?

“Quietly out of the dark … and strike”

What did Enoch know and what ancient words have been ignored?
What runs the mountains of Mexico that has never been seen before?
What is seen along the highways, the backwoods and forests of the world?
What shall be our fate when the Zam-zum-mims are exposed and the truth has been unfurled?

We MUST watch, but what are you watching? Where are you looking? The Emim approaches.
Who are you watching? The question is raised, for the Day of the Lord encroaches.
Transhuman or nonhuman, birthed or made matters little if Rephaims can walk free
Repentance is the only preparation, for truly “As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be”

By Randy Conway--Verses in italics taken from Maserati’s 2014 Super Bowl Commercial.)

Jan 7, 2015

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