About CERN and the super-collider . . . I will sum that up in one word: YIKES!!!!

Steve, the things I have seen "in the spirit", as an intercessor and also during ministry (both prayer for healing and deliverance). . . these things will blow people's minds. There are some truly "funky", nasty, demonic evil things like nothing we have seen before. It will be like Steven King, meets X-men, meets Star Trek, meets Twilight Zone. ONLY IN CHRIST will we be able to "stand".
The LORD gave me this dream on 2-6-15:
I saw what were giants, hybrid human/demons and other assorted creatures manifesting before our eyes. I was inside of an office building and saw one as tall as the building. People were stunned. Nobody knew what to do.
The scene shifted and I was teaching little children what to do when they saw these creatures. It was this: close your eyes and start singing "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so".

I had many dreams in the 1990s about these end times. . . . I started having them again this past year. (Acts 2/Joel 2 time now) LINDA.

Feb 11, 2015

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