The Dream I Had: A vision Of the Future

On February 15, 2007, I was told by my doctors to get my business in order for I had not long to live. The news was devastating. My diagnosis was unexpected. I knew something was wrong but not to that extent. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I was Lead Quality Inspector at an Induction plant, buying my own home, nice car and so on. I had finally reached my goal. The rug of comfort and security had been snatched out from under me. Depression, anxiety, fear for the future of my four children, all came crashing down and I found myself in a state of total weakness. I couldn’t hold my head up, walk or speak. I told myself that truly this was it. Over. Finished. No more life for me. I began to think…” will heaven accept me?” One day as I lay sleeping I got my answer. This is my dream….

I was in front of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. He said to me that truly my heart is filled with love. He then knelt down and I with him as he began to draw on the ground with a stick. We talked for a while. He then said He would show me the future but before he did he let me know that knowledge can be a burden and asked if I would accept it. I said yes. He then called an angel by name and the angel walked up. He told the angel to show me. That’s all he said to the angel. I went with the angel and the first thing I saw was a young man on the ground and a man was straddled over him. The boy on the ground was screaming ,“ Help, help, he’s trying to kill me, help, help”. I asked the angel can anyone hear him ? Is someone going to help him. The angel said that people can hear him but they will believe it was the guy with the gun screaming. Automatically we were looking at a parade or celebration. There was this giant white puffy balloon that looked like the Michellin Man from the tire commercials. I asked what it was and the angel said lawless had begun to peak. Then I was listening to a snappy tune and viewing a music video. The guy was singing about being happy. I said to the angel that the song was pleasant and cheerful. The angel said that the song was an enticer to get people to let down walls and borders and become lawless. Next the angel and I were standing in the sky as an airplane approached. As it was passing by us, the angel instructed me to look at the plane’s tail. He then asked what did I see ? I told him I saw the Logo of the airline. He then said that the Logo was a trident. The plane was still passing and he said look inside and then asked what did I see? I told him I see people. The angel said to look closer. As I leaned at the window to get a closer look I found myself inside the plane. The passengers were all tied to there seats with straps. The angel said they are all dead. Their faces have been painted to make them appear alive. I looked at their faces then at their hands and I saw the flesh was discolored. I asked the angel why? Then we were outside the plane again. The angel pointed and I looked and saw the east coast of the U.S. I said “Oh no, are they doing another 9/11?” The angel replied that it was much worse and that the plane carried a nuclear bomb. He then explained that the reason why the people’s faces were painted was to make the pilots on the way to intercept the plane believe that there were live civilians on board, which would delay the response to shoot down the plane. When the decision is made it will be too late. Then I was suddenly in the Whitehouse. There was a press conference. A Black man was president. During the press conference a white male in a light colored spring style jacket and dark pants walks up to the front of the podium and shoots the president . He is badly wounded but does not die. Then I asked the angel where would I be during these times. All of a sudden I was in a house. Two houses off the corner and a pastor lived next door in the corner house. The sky was like it was on fire. My children and I were bunkered in the basement. The govt. officials had said to shelter in place and be prepared to stay sheltered for several weeks. When the all clear came nothing had appeared to have been damaged. Then a short time passed. Then there was a tremendous earthquake. It moved the roof of my house off it’s base. People were coming from the western and southern states to my city (Detroit ,Mi.) They were telling stories of the devastation the escaped from. They were arriving by the thousands and taking shelter in the abandoned houses and buildings. There was no food and money had ceased due to financial collapse months before which caused riots and lootings. There was a heavy, heavy police presence. Next I saw police blocking off the streets . They would only move when an army truck arrived to replace them. We were under martial law. Then the army personnel demanded everyone come out of their homes and stand in front of their dwelling. They began going into people’s homes and taking all weapons including forks and knives. If you refused to obey them, you were shot on site. Later on, perhaps two or three weeks later, the army guys re-enter homes. This time they take Bibles and anything of Christian symbolism. Soon after, large steel trucks arrive. They have holes on the side like for cattle and stretched almost from corner to corner. Then the truck on my corner began to rock from side to side as the army guys opened the doors. A giant climbed out of it. He was taller than all the houses. People were running and screaming and such. There was a giant deployed every 10 blocks or so. You could look up and see them. People were in shock, fainting, screaming and such. Then we were told to learn the words on a paper they passed out. We were to stand still when the Loudspeakers sounded and say those words. Anyone caught outside when it sounded and were not saying the words would be executed on site. I knew it was a prayer to satan so I taught my family substitute words so it would seem as though they were saying the scripted words. Then it became mandatory ( at first it was voluntary ) to get a chip implant to buy or sell. Many people did so with a promise that they would open the store. People were chipped but no stores were opened. Only long lines at centers for a piece of bread. I talked myself and family out of being forcefully chipped by them and wound up cooking food the army conficscated for them. After a while, the govt. claimed that there was a catastrophic event from space headed for earth, a large rock or planet. The Army was leaving the streets and we were being told that if you wanted to be saved raise your arms in the air so you can be picked up by the alien spaceships that were here to save us. As I looked in the skies, the alien ships were everywhere. The people with raised arms were being raised up by beams into the ships as I turned to look eastward I saw a streak of light zigzagging the skies. My senses got instantly excited and my heart knew. As the zigzag light came and shined over me I began to rise into the sky. There I met Jesus and gladly followed him. We zigzagged across the skies with many in tow. As we departed the earth, I saw a huge red planet close to the earth. I looked down at the earth and I could see nuclear bombs going off everywhere, all over the planet. Then I was in the throne room of GOD. I was called to a platform where Jesus told God almighty that he knew me. Then I woke up. It took a while for me to get better but through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ I stand today waiting for the Lord. Halleiluah. Amen . I ask that you Discern this with the Lord. It may be hard for people to believe but it’s the truth.

With love, Nancy A Williams

Feb 21, 2015

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