Woe, woe, woe to those upon the earth; all who dwell upon the land
Those who belong to the Most High God should seek shelter under His hand.
The covering of Heaven is being swept away and it will be Satan’s time
Even some of those protected will be taken and there will no more warning signs.

God’s love will never waiver, His love will never cease
Hear the word of the Lord your God as to his servants He does speak.
There is no escaping judgment for it comes from the God Most High
For those lost in lust, in ignorance and confusion bow your heads and cry.

The time for hearing is now upon all man
The time of judgment is very close at hand
The time for men to see has in fullness now arrived
The hearing and the seeing will be among those who survive.

The watchmen who speak not the truth will be guilty of man’s blood
The watchmen who have warned in truth will be found guiltless judged in love.
There is a call to those who fear the Lord, how can men hear unless the word is preached?
The work of the kingdom is made clear and the word must be spoken until all are reached.

Blessed is the man who is covered by the shed Blood of the Lamb
Blessed is the man whose name is printed upon God’s hand
Blessed is the man whose name remains in the eternal Book of Life
But woe to the man who rejects the blood; his destiny is strife.

Woe upon Woe upon Woe is coming upon the earth
Fear not this woe is the call to those who have received the second birth
Rather fear the Lord your God for He is mighty beyond a man’s imagination
Alas, the fear of the Lord is gone from the people for they revel in degradation.

The seals will be broken and the scrolls will be opened
The trumpets will surely sound, the Word of God has spoken.
Attacks and terror will be unleashed and the people will not escape
Riots and war will be uncontrolled, the children will die and the women raped.

Money will be a memory of days that were in the past
And the earth will shake to its very core; how many men will last?
Last through the storms that will prevail as the world is in travail,
It will be raining fire and hail and now too late men pray to no avail.

Sickness will overcome untold numbers of mankind
Darkness will envelope us and the light we will not find.
Take heart believer for God has not forgotten and His promises are true
His light will be among the remnant and every morning His mercies come brand new.

He will provide a refuge, for the faithful there is hope
The unbeliever will be lost and in darkness he will grope,
Reaching for a hand to rescue him, but it cannot be found
The time for rescue is before the storm not after the thunder sounds.

God will judge the deeds of men and He will judge the churches too
The line in the sand is drawn and it runs between the pews.
A sword will pierce a mother’s heart breaking it in two
And tears will run like rivers before the Day of the Lord is through.

We are not to be afraid for He is the First and the Last and He is the Living One
Though He once was dead He is alive forevermore and in Him all victory is won.
He is the Alpha and the Omega He is the Beginning and the End
He is coming soon with rewards and judgments according to our sin.

For the reborn men all sins are gone, Calvary washed them all way
Their robes are white giving them right to enter through the narrow way
But all will still be judged and rewarded according to what each man held or what he forsook
Blessed is he who reads and keeps the words of prophecy found in God’s Holy Book.

The minds of men are given over to their own confusion
The masses living now under a strong delusion
Cry out for the innocent weep for them for there will be no shelter
The scoffers are lost in a world of perplexity and helter-skelter.

The time for preparation is nearly past
It is time to pray, it is time to fast
The covering of Almighty God has now been lifted
It is a time like no other when men will be sifted.

Be alert for the Day of the Lord is near
Be prepared for that day will be severe
Behold for the hour is now upon you, not someday soon
Trust, Hope, Watch, Repent for He is coming soon.
By Randy Conway

Mar 4, 2015

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