Time is running short for the devil and the demons. Because of this, they will increase their activities in every arena. Do not be shocked or fearful. They are playing into My Hands.

DOUG M. 2/28/15

Time is running short for the devil and the demons. Because of this, they will increase their activities in every arena. Do not be shocked or fearful. They are playing into My Hands. Look not to the natural but keep your eyes on Me, in the Spirit and My Word. Stay closer to Me. I will call you to do the seemingly impossible. Seemingly, because with man it will be but not for those anointed by Me. Life is about to abruptly change especially in your culture(ie American). Be diligent to obey all that I tell you, for My friends obey My commandments. You will be separated from loved ones for My Kingdom's sake. Believe in Me for everything. Do not depend on money, strength(natural), man's wisdom and conventional thought, to get you through what is coming. It will only be accomplished through My Spirit and My Ways. I will lead and guide each one as I have all these years. What you have, freely give and you will never run out. I will open the storehouses of Heaven where there is Eternal Abundance for those that believe and trust in Me. My Word is not filled with so called fairy tales and myths. Just because you didn't “see” my miracles happen then or even to this present day, does not mean they didn't occur. If you say you believe in Me to be your Savior and Lord, you did not “see” Me on the earth doing miracles, dying on the cross, being raised from the dead, and taken to the Father. I AM the Author and Finisher of your faith! I AM the Alpha and Omega! I AM the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I AM your Groom Who eagerly awaits our Marriage!You must believe in ALL of Me, for My entire Word speaks of Me! You cannot succeed in believing in only “part” of Me, as those in the wilderness. I am requiring even more from you than those I freed from Egypt, for you have My complete Word and Spirit. To whom much is given much is required. I know many will turn from Me., for they have only followed Me for My blessings. The rain falls on the just and the unjust, but when the rain stops where will their faith lie? But for those who have followed Me because they love Me, My rain from the past times has been collecting in the recesses of their hearts as a mighty reservoir. In the hour coming I will open the floodgates of My people and a great outflow of My Spirit will burst forth to the world. Did I not say you would be as trees planted by the water in times of drought! You will grow in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, and you will be green leaves for healing and luscious fruit to feed all those in need. I will lead and guide you to those hungering and thirsting for Truth. The scales will fall from their eyes and hearts when they partake that which you give them. Listen and wait for Me for I will guide and direct you to minister what each will specifically need for I AM the Great Physician and Provider. Then My lost sheep will clearly hear My Voice and know I AM their True Shepherd who has come to gather them to Myself. You are My Body through whom I will minister. Know your place and function in My Body, for anything that is not from Me will be quickly judged in this hour. I will pause the hour of deception for a season in order for My sheep to hear Me and chose Me as their Lord and Master. Learn your place and function. Come, seek and ask Me for I will answer. Abide in Me, for you can do nothing that is True, without Me. If you chose to be disobedient you will suffer unnecessarily and will be susceptible to the enemy's deceptions. Those who chose to obey Me will be with the other parts of My Body. They will become One with Me and the Father and will be invincible in the arena of darkness, for My Light, Glory, and Power will explode upon the Earth and nothing in the Heavens or the Earth will be able to contain or stop what I set out to complete.

This word followed right after the first one.

Time is rapidly slipping by and there are many who still do not listen to My warnings and calls to come closer to Me and prepare for what is about to take place. Many in that hour will cry Lord, Lord, but I will not hear them for their hearts are not with Me. Do not harden your hearts or stiffen your necks
when I reprove you, for therein is the ultimate danger of unbelief. Do you not know or realize that when you turn from The Light you walk toward the darkness? You will reach a point of no return to My Realm of Light and the darkness will swallow you for eternity. My Heart grieves for every soul that chooses Death over Life in Me. But these things must take place for I hear the cries of all the innocent blood that has drenched the Earth and those who dwell on the Earth trapped in the enemy's snare. I have waited long enough. I have extended Grace and Mercy to all flesh for this season of Salvation, but My final Plan must be implemented. The end of all things is at hand and I AM about to establish My Rule and Reign and Kingdom on the Earth, says your God.

Mar 6, 2015

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