Dream of red headed giants-More People are having these dreams!

Two times last night I had a dream in which I saw people running from and battling a red headed giant. He seemed to be about 25-30ft. tall. In the first dream I was directly involved and I was with people who were fleeing from this giant. We were in a mountainous area and we seemed to be trying to escape from him. He had what appeared to be a loin cloth on that was dark in color, possibly animal skins.

In the second dream I seemed to be in a vehicle and some distance away a similar looking giant came running into an open area from a wooded area. He was being chased and seemed to be about to be subdued by some that seemed to be like local law enforcement and or military. They were firing on him with small arms and seemed to be firing some kind of rope device to bring him down. At this point the dream ended.

Keep up the great work Steve, I pray for you and the other Watchmen often.

Blessings in Jesus name,


Mar 9, 2015

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