Hi Steve, I've stumbled into your website a couple months ago and have been
checking in practically everyday since to keep tabs on the news articles
that the "real news" never deems to be important. I am a person who has
very vivid dreams and visions that have gotten very intense in the past
year or so. I'd like to share a dream I had last night that I thought was
important to share. It has two parts to it that are connected, yet

In the first part, I was walking out of the grocery store with a small bag
of food and heading to my car to go home. I didn't make it ten feet out of
the store when I was stopped by a cop who was geared up like he was spec
ops or something. He demanded ID, what I was doing and where I was going.
I complied, and he let me go on. But I was stopped again, twice more
before I made it to my car. These military cops were standing about 30-40
feet apart from each other and stopping everyone. I remember feeling afraid
that they wouldn't believe me, even though I was telling the truth. I got
the feeling that as long as these guys weren't in a bad mood, I'll be ok.
The other strange thing about this was that my ID said I lived in Roanoke.
In reality, I live in Texas with no intention of moving right now. Also,
Roanoke is the colony that disappeared.

The second part of my dream was at a meeting or conference type thing.
There was one guy who was trying to tell everyone what was really going on,
much like what you do on your website. I got the impression he is a public
figure, particularly in radio. I didn't recognize him as any particular
person and felt that he represented people who act as mouthpieces against
the regimes that have successfully quieted people into a sort of
submission. When the meeting ended, he didn't have any supporters, they
all shrugged him off. I stepped up and told him that I believe what he is
saying and what he shared only confirmed my dreams and visions as well as
research. Suddenly we were both being hunted down by the same military
cops from the first part of the dream, but I realized, they were mostly
after him, not me so much. When I realized this, I suddenly grew to
giant-sized and could look down and had a good view of a city that was
practically empty except for this chase. I helped the guy escape from the
military cops, then I woke up.

The exact meaning of this isn't hard to understand. My dreams usually use
symbols, or they just plainly put it out there. I believe the first part
to be what is coming for the average person, I everything that I've
researched and in the visions that I've had, I'm convinced now that we
already are in a military state, but it will be obvious to everyone when
it's too late to prevent it. People will be afraid to go get food. Every
person will be asked their business due to suspected terrorism. You
breathe wrong and you will be suspected. The Roanoke thing is what's
throwing me off a little. I'm not sure what the connection is. But I
actually remember being in the dream and thinking that it was weird.

The second part is obvious to me. Persecution will come to those who speak
the truth. The fact that I represented the average person who believed the
speaker of the truth shows that when things get bad, some people will stand
up, stand tall, and fight back. I've seen a lot of things in my dreams and
visions and was scared to share them because they are so strange sometimes,
but this is important. Their regime has been in planning for many years, I
think decades, but it will not last for as long as they think it will. It
will only last as long as people let it. We are not weak, stupid people.
When people figure out what is going on, they will have a decision to make,
and it won't be too late. There is always hope. The world won't end, but
it will change.

Thank you Steve, for standing up now.

Dec 27, 2012

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