I was watching the stock market, and as I watched, gold and silver skyrocketed, and it was no longer affordable. Most people had missed the opportunity to save themselves from financial ruin

Dear, Mr. Quayle,

I was listening to you on the radio, and after hearing you speaking about
dreams and visions. I felt strongly, compelled to write you.

Today, I write with a heavy heart and uneasiness about the future of our
country that I have never felt before.

I had a series of dreams that are pretty clear. The first dream was a
priest coming out of the church and announcing to me that "the anti-Christ
was now born into the world." Then he sat down and wept for all of

Second dream , I was watching the stock market and as I watched gold and
silver skyrocketed, and it was no longer affordable. Most people had missed
the opportunity to save themselves from financial ruin. The next thing, I
saw was the currency collapse . In the dream I wanted to make a phone
call I needed to use a phone booth and the girl looks in my wallet and goes
oh, "you have the old currency that is okay we still take the old currency,
a local phone call costs 5.00." I then saw a large number of homeless
people wandering around in the cities, the city was not safe , it felt very
intense military presence it was beyond martial law

I read 48% of Americans believe we headed for the greatest depressions ever. At least 48% of us are aware and prepared for this. Now only if all the
prepared people all lived in the same area in a safe haven, we could all
help one another.

Then I dreamt a man in the distance was praying to God ...he was pleading
for God to " have mercy on his creation." He kept repeating the same
prayer, suddenly he was quiet . At the same time many people were not
paying attention because there was some major sports event taking place so
many were distracted by that, suddenly an asteroid or meteor strikes
planet, it made the loudest sound it could be heard around the world. The
impact results, in a tsunami that appeared to be moving swiftly and was
miles high, then the praying man cried, out " Oh, God you did not have
mercy on your creation."

The next dream, I saw two well dressed men in brown suits standing on the
mountain top and one says to the other 1/2 of the population has perished.

A quietness had fallen over the earth, and I saw that the waters were
crystal clear, and the grass was really green the earth will be made new.

I dreamt there was an earthquake and wind was so incredible it made the
large city skyscrapers shake like a leaf and sway back and fourth. I ran
and prayed to God to help, I then became as tall as the skyscrapers and
tried to hold the buildings up to save this city. I did not recognize the
city. Then I saw a sea of trucks lined up bumper to bumper not able to go
on the main roads. It looked like military aid trucks , but they had to
take alternative route to get to the destination even go through

The next dream I saw some GI Joes guys, it wasn't our boys. I thought
maybe foreign aid or foreign occupation men with green uniforms and green
berets, I felt it was foreign occupation.

God's Judgment Day is near Next chapter of the history book of America
will be epic.

Please warn the people of what is to come .
People should give their lives to Jesus Christ and, move away from the
coastlines and get prepared with provisions.


Apr 12, 2015

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