RANDY CONWAY-STARGATES-That Jesus Christ is the only one True King of Kings and Lord of Lords If the gateways are opened will we then see the foretold Day of the Lord?


As gravity increases and time slows a passage is opened to an unknown dimension
To those who know it is a gateway, though some deny their real and consider it science fiction.
But fiction has no empirical proofs or eyewitness testimony.
The writings of antiquity testified the truth not hypothesis.
Beware the opening of these gates will bring a global apostasy.

Educated fools play with these passageways thinking they are in control
But they see not the portentous threats that lie behind the blackness of these holes
Many have come and many have gone but we are still searching for the keys
That will allow us to open the gates that lead to mystery.

Now there has been much talk and speculation that governments have found such gates
And they are willing to shed much blood or even go to war to keep their secrets safe
Authorities around the world guard the ancient sites
Hiding or denying the existence of what was moved in the dark of night.

Stories, myths and legends are told, passed down from ancient tribes
Tribes from every tongue and nation whose stories all describe
An ancient race of giants and the pathways through which they fly
An ancient race of hybrids that desire to see that all flesh dies.

The believers intently watch the signs to be prepared for their return
The scoffers remain ignorant and choose not to listen or discern
The words of the prophets giving warning or the evidence that abounds
While the elite are guarding secrets hoping the truth is never found.

That is, the truth should not be found out by the masses or the general population
For that might set the masses free and we must be kept in mass sedation
If the truth were preached and the people reached there could be mass salvation
And that would hamper Satan’s plan for the New World Order aberration.

There are beasts that come with the opening of dimensions we cannot see
And Satan’s minions are seeking personal greatness through evil loyalties
But their greatness will not be long lived for the beast is but an incarnation
Of a defeated fallen angel that will one day be forced to make proclamation

That Jesus Christ is the only one True King of Kings and Lord of Lords
If the gateways are opened will we then see the foretold Day of the Lord?
Men remain in denial of the judgment of the Lord, and they deny His word
They are too afraid to see the truth, and so they call the truth absurd
Now those things which God buried in the deep waters of the flood
Were buried to cleanse the earth and to protect the seed within the blood
The seed remained protected and Jesus came to redeem the man
He offers to all eternal life and those who accept Him are covered by His hand.

If you are not covered by the blood of Jesus Christ
When the gates are opened you are at risk of life
Men must seek the truth while it may be found
The cost will be too great when the evil has been unbound.

The stories myths and legends have an ancient foundation and are not just passed down orations
The true watchmen are not barkers spouting lies to dramatize and create a great sensation
Those who hide the truth are not our great protectors they hide behind lies for personal elevation
The clues of time and the clues left on the earth reveal the truth of the former altered mutations.

Now I am prepared to make a multi-dimensional journey through a gate that is straight
There are thieves and robbers who will attempt to do the same through their hidden Star Gates
Unfortunate for them they will not travel through, but that is not to say the gates will not be used
Many will come through to rule all men and tribulation will then be loosed.

By Randy Conway

Apr 27, 2015

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