The America we once knew is gone and it is no more
We have surrendered while most didn’t know we were at war
Multifarious battles were fought over many years,
Battles hidden from our sight and often the enemy, our peers.

Whether long fought or quickly ended the same results were engendered
By our silent acquiescence, or distraction, America has surrendered
The enemies of freedom, with hellish inspiration, remained persistent
Ever advancing their cause and all too often without resistance.

History has been revised, falsified, corrupted and even deleted
And we now live in a day when history will be repeated
We have surrendered the truth for the comfort of lies
An unconditional surrender and our freedom has now died.

We have surrendered our rights that were demanded before our Constitution would be ratified
As long as we receive a government check that’s certified, we can lie to ourselves that it is justified.
Not so long ago a monster was released from Jekyll Island and we surrendered our economy
Every generation since is forced to redistribute wealth because of the victory of traitor bankers who control our money.

We have surrendered all hope of present or future prosperity
And have assented to live as slaves in financial dependency
We have surrendered the responsibility and privilege to be a people of Biblical literacy
And by so doing have become a nation without integrity.

From the office of the President to the teachers in our schools
Sexual perversion and permissiveness has made men and women wretches, whores and fools
By surrendering both our personal and national integrity
We have given a greater ease to our enemies who continue to garner victories.

Politicians and leaders who cannot be threatened, bought or compromised
Have continually and often mysteriously died or reportedly “committed suicide”
We have ignored our duty to throw off a government pursuing a design of absolute despotism
And have surrendered our future security to Illuminati activism.

We have surrendered our courts and constitution
We have surrendered all sacred institutions
We have surrendered the victories of our forefather’s revolution
We have surrendered our minds to the onslaught of intellectual pollution

Of greatest distress and dire consequence has been the surrender of our pulpits
Ignoring the Word of God to preach political correctness, sermons are but refuse fit only for the toilet
The surrender of the pulpits paved the way to surrender education, entertainment and the family
All moral high ground has been lost and what is unnatural is now accepted commonly.

We have lost our privacy, honesty and civility
Surrendering our decency, dignity and sovereignty
Upon the Mastery of the Human Domain we will be but detainees;
Until we fight for right and surrender only to Christ, this will be our destiny.

This timeless war has come with the shedding of much blood
Those who never tasted life have paid the highest price as abortion rages as a flood
Men who fought valiantly for freedom have been used as pawns in evil designs
And the enemy marches on battling to destroy the human bloodline.

We have surrendered the futures of those not yet grown
They will never savor the freedoms the past generations have known
We have surrendered our will and our minds and now live under a great delusion
Pretending all is orderly and well while the world is in confusion.

What is left, who is left that has not or is not surrendered?
Is not the final hour upon us when the question of our guilt must be answered?
Is there still time? Are their soldiers left, enough to fight?
Who will wear the armor of God and face evil in the power of His Might?

Every day around the world Christians die in torturous agony
But as long as men die on distant shores, America will pursue meaningless activities
Alas those who’ve never realized there is a war that rages,
Will very soon realize that surrender will demand its wages.

We have moved from ridiculing or ignoring the Watchmen to labeling them as psychotic
Our surrender has had a dimensional effect transporting the chaotic
There is no more ground that can be lost or all will be held by the despotic
The events ahead will be prophetic; we will stand for Christ or surrender to the demonic.

What are the terms of your surrender? How will you choose to live?
All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give.
To surrender to Jesus Christ is to win this war
And will nullify the surrenders that we’ve accepted heretofore.

The America I once knew is gone and it is no more
The stench of our sin is repugnant and will not be ignored
The instruction of Scripture is offered; we can accept it or ignore
We will be but a memory of history, or we will repent and be restored.

I surrender all, all to Jesus I surrender, I surrender all.

By Randy Conway

May 22, 2015

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