PREPARED? There are those who don’t believe that our future offers any threat They ignore the words of warning to their own suffering or maybe even death

There are those who don’t believe that our future offers any threat
They ignore the words of warning to their own suffering or maybe even death
But what of those who do believe that tomorrow holds the opportunity for peril
Are they prepared to survive the chaos when societies become feral?

I have heard of men who have food stored in massive quantities
And if famine is in the future they could possibly survive that calamity
But I must confess that even though they have food to spare
These men are not actually prepared.

There are those with guns and bullets, knives and swords
If roving gangs attack they might hold off a hungry horde
But even though their guns are loaded and their aim is steady
Like those with food these men are not really ready.

A practiced few could cook a meal and heat their home with a flint stone and some sticks
Some have water and stored up medicines to survive a drought and treat the sick
A very few have bunkers, and a nuclear event they are prepared to face
But for the reality of what is ahead they are not adequately braced.

There are those who can name all the nations in the BRICS Alliance
They’re watching the Middle East and globally any nation governed by a tyrant
They stay abreast of all the news so they cannot be taken unaware
But information isn’t quite enough to consider yourself prepared.

Bug out locations and hordes of cash, gold and silver too
In an economic catastrophe this might get you through
But through to what is the question that must be asked
How long could a family last?

Now having a supply of food is indeed a wise and prudent thing to own
And a man with mettle is becoming rare, one who protects his family and home
Having all these things might show wisdom, prudence or maybe fear
And the Watchmen continue warning that something big is near.

All of these solutions are limited to facing disasters that are natural in their origin
But what about the spiritual events just beyond the sight of men
How will you prepare for a world of converging dimensions?
What in your storehouse will make ready for evil’s grand ascension?

Too many ignore the warnings given by the prophets and the word
Others prepare in ignorance for their spirit has not been stirred.
For both the coming Day of the Lord, will take them as a thief in the night
But what of the man sitting in a church thinking he’s doing right?

Those who claim to be the Christian of Psalm 91 are plenty
But what if they are called to be the ones from Revelation 12 or Revelation 20?
Also in the pews are fools who won’t prepare, misquoting verses from the 13th chapter of Romans
And to their folly they are unprepared, ignoring the truth of Biblical omens.

Why is repentance the preparation that stands far and above all the rest?
Because we will all stand before God Almighty, not just endure the coming tests.
Are you covered by the Blood of the Lamb? What is the word of your testimony?
Did you ignore the watchmen God has sent or horde your provision for you only?

Preparing for the natural is needed and the wise hear a warning and take action
Beyond the natural the preparation cannot be an all too late reaction
For men will say “but in Your Name we did great and mighty things for You
Sadly the unprepared will hear the reply, “you I never knew.”

Too many are preparing only for calamity or disaster
Preparation is imperative for time is moving faster
But if you’re not on your knees in confession and repentance
Then you are not prepared, for we will not face just disaster, we are going to face our sentence.

Words cannot tell of all the things that in our immediate future lay
We cannot know who will live or die or which men might be saved
But this I know, if you desire to be prepared for the coming brutality
You must be prepared to face God’s Judgement…not just a calamity.

By Randy Conway

Jun 15, 2015

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