A topsy-turvy world seems a thing of fantasy but all too soon it will be our reality.
The laws of nature will become unhinged and also will the minds of men.

Men groping about within a haze, ruled by leaders who are crazed.
Good will become evil and evil will be good and nothing, nothing will be as it should.

Unexplained the things that will transpire, living in a world on fire.
Machines will seem to be alive, unknown consequences of A.I.;
Becoming a world where lunacy will thrive.

The proponents of singularity continue fervently searching for immortality.
While at Cern it is the mad scientists’ intention to open gates to other worldly dimensions.

What will pass through these gates?
What will be our fate when aberrations are given permission to enter in,
And dwell within the realm of men?

Creatures once trapped in fairy tales will upon our world assail.
Even now in Ireland there is a search for gnomes and elves and sprites,
And entertainment is obsessed with creatures of the night.

In days past there were giants in the land and their return is nigh at hand.
The weather will be unpredictable and we won’t be able to define what’s typical.

This unnatural world is given rise because we traded truth for lies.
For some, death will be their desire, but they will not be given a funeral pyre.

Others will long for life and fear their death, but they will not be given breath.
There will be many unexplained mysteries and a return of the barbarous acts of history.

Debt compounds and economies will not rebound, and money will be carried by the pound.
In a world that’s topsy-turvy men will cry incessantly, but uselessly, for mercy.

Things formerly given only an imaginary place will be thrust upon the humane race.
Wormwood lies in wait…
But soon the restraints that hold will allow the stars to fall upon the globe.

Destruction from the meteor swarms and catastrophic solar storms
Too many pulpits will remain hushed as the world we know is being crushed.

The earth will shake and the lava flow and incessant hot winds begin to blow
Even in the waters there will be fire
And in intemperate darkness this will transpire.
We must examine that to which we now aspire before our time has all expired.

Soon a great world leader is going to rise,
Some think he’ll come from out of the skies
Many will bow down to kiss his feet
And those who don’t will be slaughtered as sheep.

Posse Comitatus will be revoked and martial law will be invoked
Habeas Corpus will not last and the Constitution a thing of the past.

Feeding the frenzy of this frightening tilt is the now favored philosophy, “Do as thou wilt”.
And the mantra of the illuminist, in case you didn’t know is, “As above so below”.

This will seem to some a silly rhyme but they don’t know we’re now on cosmic time.
A time where irreality is teaming and the tangible is not discerned from dreaming.

How close is this topsy-turvy chaotic invasion?
It is now; we just don’t see it because of our self-centered hedonistic fixations.
It is the God of creation that gives to all things order
And our rejection of Him has allowed chaos to cross reality’s border.

Jesus has been and always will be the only shelter, in a topsy-turvy world of helter skelter.

By Randy Conway

Jun 25, 2015

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