Just read about the lady's dream (from the July 7th alerts page) of the flying creatures in her dream and felt the need to respond.

Hi Steve,

I have been a listener and follower for many years. Never have responded
to an alert before today. Just read about the lady's dream (from the July
7th alerts page) of the flying creatures in her dream and felt the need to
respond. Although my dream was in early 2007 I still remember it vividly
to this day. I consider it more of an intense nightmare similar to hers.
I do not have dreams like this one. My dreams tend to be sublime and
"normal" as dreams go. It was so intense, I have not forgotten it.

I was alone on a mountain range that surrounded a very large lake. It was
difficult to tell what time of day it was due to the gray sky - no clouds -
just a stormy gray. I was trying to hide and found a rock ledge on the
mountainside - I was climbing the ledge hurrying to escape something. As I
looked over the lake - the "water" was dark and red like blood - I could
see the banks of the lake and the shorelines and beaches were even red.
Just as I reached the overhang on the ledge, a winged creature exactly as
she described ascended from below looking right at me - it was huge (I was
pretty high on the mountain). I was battered, exhausted and covered with
dirt from my climb. When I saw the creature I was horrified as it was in
every respect what one would expect a demon to look like with immense wings
- a dark and gray being with long arms and hands that were like claws with
huge talons. This creature grabbed me from the ledge as I fought to secure
myself deeper into the overhang crevice. Immediately two others joined it
surrounding me. The first creature had hold of me (I was toddler-size to
this thing), it flew me up into the air and then with lightning speed and
force descended with me toward the lake. It held me with its claws and
plunged me into the lake holding me under the "water" as it continued to
fly. It wasn't water but blood that filled the lake. It then pulled me
out of the lake and I was gasping for air. It then flew with me back up
into the sky above the lake toward the top of the mountain. It began to
tear at me in midair with its huge claws shredding me as it held me in its
grip. The other two creatures joined in and started to tear at me as well.
Their faces and eyes were evil beyond description. They were almost
laughing with joy at this event and I could see they had long sharp teeth.
My flesh and blood were everywhere. Thank God I woke up at this point, but
even as I awoke I literally felt the tears they had made on my face and
body - I had to check in the mirror to see if I could see anything. I was
fine but was so shaken I could not go back to sleep for quite a while.
Creepy stuff. I have always contemplated what exactly this dream was all
about and after reading her dream - well all I can say is WHOA.

Blessings to you and yours and thank you for all of your hard work and


Jul 8, 2015

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