My children look around you and what is it you see? I have removed my hand and now the dead are leading the way

My children look around you and what is it you see? I have removed my hand and now the dead are leading the way. The blind are running around as though they can see, the deaf are acting like they can hear, and the dumb are pretending to speak. The spirit of insanity has been loosed and what you are witnessing is my Judgment. Some expected destruction as soon as the judgment was passed, but what I have done is loose Satan's hands so that chaos will abound and destruction and persecution will come upon you.

As you can clearly see evil wastes no time tearing apart every good and perfect thing I have made. But I have turned my eyes away from you, you harlot nation. You have voted into office the man who will bring destruction to your nation. He is the man who will turn his back on Israel, and he will destroy every last good gift I have given to you.
Families are being destroyed; children are fighting with parents and despise reproof. Husbands and wives are being turned against one another, sisters and brothers hate one another, and there is no discernment left and understanding has been taken away.

You have mocked me, you spit in the face of God, and you have kicked me out of your lives, so I have turned my back on you and will not hear you when you call. You have become lawless, selfish, disrespectful, shameful, filthy rags, and you have allowed Satan to have control over you. Instead of making me Lord over your lives you have given yourself over to abominations and blaspheming.

Look around you now your destruction has begun. Instead of being blessed you will be destroyed, but not from other nations, but from within. As cancer kills the body you are being destroyed from within first, then when you are at your weakest you will be destroyed by those who hate you most. I blessed you more than any other nation. I longed to be with you and abide in you, but you became a selfish nation, and turned your back on me. You began to hate the one who brought you into being. Now I have given you over to your reprobate mind and your blaspheming ways. You will eat that which you have lusted after, but now you will vomit it out as you shove it down your throats
Judgment is mine, and I will not allow you to mock me any further. I have given you what you have asked for, and now do not look to me to have pity upon you. Only those who have called me by my name and are in the book of life will I hear any longer. My children will continue to seek me and cry out to me and I will hear them.

Jul 10, 2015

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