Where will you go if you feel you must run? Can you carry your daughter; can you carry your son?


Are you ready to run, will your legs have the strength if you have to flee?
Will your lungs have the capacity so that when running you can breathe?
Where will you go if you feel you must run?
Can you carry your daughter; can you carry your son?

Some will run for safety when the earth is violently shaking
Some will run in fear as ominous storms are in the making
Some will run to the store to gather food and some supplies
Finding empty shelves they will run until they die.

They will run across the land, some will head across the seas
They will run into the mountains, they will run from a disease.
They run from searing heat, they will run from bitter cold
Many runners will submit to death whether they be young or they be old.

They run to the bank to check on their accounts
They will run into a panic when they see their balance amount.
Like a chicken without a head there is no compass to their running
Fear will cause men’s hearts to fail for the things that will be coming.

Across the earth men will run both to and fro
Some will run to family or to friends they know
Some will run to authorities believing they will surely rescue them
And the rulers of this world will stand with open arms, feigning to be a friend.

Are you prepared to run, do you have the strength?
Can you run for days or miles? Can you run great lengths?
Most will run a broad and easy path that leads only to destruction.
For all of time men have run this path led by great seduction.

A remnant will find a path quite narrow; it is a path that’s straight
They won’t need to run for fear or leave their future up to fate
They know they only need to run as far as the cross of Calvary
Jesus is waiting there and in His arms is placed their destiny.

There are evil plans and disasters coming to this age
Death is coming like a storm in order to collect sin’s wage
Many will run, they will run for their life
But their running will be in vain unless they run to Jesus Christ.

For the believer with faith who reads the words that the prophets penned
They will know God’s thoughts towards us; “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

By Randy Conway

Aug 8, 2015

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