America has become unkempt, but the shaving will bring the saving" I woke up and more revelation began to flood my mind.

Hello Steve, I wanted to share a strange revelation that happened earlier
this week.

I had a strange dream on the early morning hours of the AM of Black Monday
August the 25th. I had a revelation downloaded to my spirit as I slept.
Here was the dream.

I saw America, in map form. But America had a beard from the top of New
York around to Washington state, coast to coast with a mustache through the
center. The beard was wild, scraggly and scruffy. I heard a voice a
revelation from God say "America has become unkempt, but the shaving will
bring the saving" I woke up and more revelation began to flood my mind. I
had the understanding that the shaving will take place from coast to coast.
America has let itself go, but God is bringing correction to the untidy,
scruffy, messy morals and world views of this nation. He said through great
times of judgment will come the saving of the people. The shaving will
bring the saving. This was a metaphor, we know Gods not against beards.

I then felt an urge to read Jeremiah 49 and the verses about God
destroying Moloch jumped off the pages at me. Moloch hides in secret but
God is going to bring him out into the open and smite him for the world to
see. His people will get real and repent but much life will be lost.

I shared this with my wife, and she said "But what about the righteous?
What about Billy Graham? He's saved millions of people? He's sent millions
of people to Heaven. Gods not going to let anything bad happen to him" Up
out of my spirit came this " America has sent millions of babies to Heaven"
That's a good thing that the babies went to Heaven, but the way they went
is an abomination. This nation is drunk on the blood of innocent life. The
immorality, and idolatry will not go on any further. It stops now in this
season says the Lord. Judgment is at the door.

I'm not bashing Billy Graham or any one who has given their life to
ministry, that wasn't the point. I know people can do good things, and even
some God things and still not discern the times. The writing is on the
wall. Get ready, be prepared, and draw close to God. He is love and he will
receive you. The Shaving Will Bring The Saving.

I realize this is almost comical and absurd, but I'm reminded God will use
the foolishness of this World to confound the wise.

Co-Laborer in Christ


Aug 26, 2015

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