They mocked God and they mocked people who had faith. These people stood there arrogantly proclaiming that God is dead basically. The second siege of the cats destroyed them too.

This dream occurred 1.5 years ago roughly. I was travelling down a road to sightsee, and the road came to a curve where there was a natural overlook of the land. The road stopped here and you couldn't see beyond the bend which was strange too. It overlooked a large plain on the far side which had a border of trees and it scooped around to the area near to me which had a lush and green valley. As I scanned the plain I noticed that an extremely large beast -- like the size of an elephant was patrolling. It had huge muscular shoulders and was wolf-like but not a wolf. it was shaped like a buffalo with a wolf's head and the body of a lion. Weird. It was being held back from hurting people but it was guarding the border, on patrol. I was the only one who saw it. By now other cars had stopped at the overlook and nobody saw this hideous larger than life beast? Then my eyes were drawn towards the lush valley nearby. I was filled with dread. I could tell that there leopards (big cats) in the trees - hidden. In the valley below were blind sheep. The sheep were fat and sleeping and content. They couldn't see or hear the impending danger, nor did they care. Then, the cats started to head down from the trees to attack and kill the sheep. The cats were so large the trees shook when they jumped down, and the trees were not small saplings - these were big trees! What happened next is really awful -- but let me say that it was carnage. Pieces of the sheep were tossed into the air as the cats ripped them apart. I saw one sheep's head still asleep and with a smile on it's face as it was ripped from it's body and tossed into the air! Now it gets really interesting. I can see what is happening and I start telling all the gawkers to head for safety or be destroyed. They all just stood there, silently. I couldn't believe it! Again I said -- run for your life! They just stood there like zombies -- stiff and dumb - mute. The big cats started to come up out of the valley to kill these people. Now the cats were half cat and half human. Extremely frightening and so evil I remember my stomach flipping. All of these people were killed on the spot. Then, there was a second "wave" of people watching. They mocked God and said "This is all a joke - what's wrong with you. We won't be harmed." I sensed that these were apostates, those who once knew Christ, but who had turned their back on him for falsehoods. They mocked God and they mocked people who had faith. These people stood there arrogantly proclaiming that God is dead basically. The second siege of the cats destroyed them too. By now, I was terrified and was looking for my car. I got into my car and I was now a little child. I was overlooking the land and the carnage from the open window and crying out a warning. I don't know what I was saying -- just a feeling of extreme sorrow for those who do not know Jesus. I was crying and sending out yells of warning. I knew I was next on the list to destroy, and I knew I had to close the window and lock the doors to the car. But I was a little kid now, and not big enough to reach the old fashioned push down door locks easily. Regardless, I did this as quickly as I could -- and just as the last lock was pushed one of these evil cat people? slammed against the window and roared "Let me in". I woke up and prayed for a long time. I was shaken by the dream. The last thing I remember was that there was a protection around me -- and that the separation between myself and this threat was something I couldn't comprehend. It (the threat) was here - and close -- but not-- at the same time? --but I knew it couldn't touch me, but it hated me and wanted me DEAD. Weird eh? Anyways, there have been other dreams that I'm just starting to understand. Before I even knew about nephalim I had a vision of "giants" walking around our house -- I thought at the time how weird it was that they could stand and look inside our second story window. That was a creepy dream that I woke up from a prayed protection for my family. I felt stalked. Later on it dawned on me that they had to be very tall to do that. There were 3 of them, all tall ,but not all the same height. 2 were really tall, but not so tall as the one that could peer into our second story windows. So, it has been a process. I do fully believe that there are those in God's kingdom who are meant to go against the tide in the quest for God's truth who take the beating of the waves but who keep pushing and moving forward. The Lord has taken you ahead of us, to help prepare the way of the Lord like in Mark 1:3. I believe there is a remnant of real believers who will take up their crosses boldly. I will be praying for you Steve and for your family. As Kermit the frog says "It isn't easy being green", so it's not fun or easy going where Christ asks us to go, but we all need to do this -- and it is a passion that sometimes only we can understand because it is unique - as unique as each one of us is as God's creation. Stand strong and thank you again for not caving in and letting fear overtake. There is a passion and an urgency in what you share, and it is infectious. Right on!

Sep 8, 2015

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