Dream concerning disarmament


Last night I had a very vivid and crystal clear dream. I was in
a car with a male partner (not my spouse), and we were driving out in
the middle of some no where desert. We came upon a very large compound
with hundreds of people in uniform being trained. If you have ever been
in the desert, you can be about 200 yards away from something and never
know it is there. That is how it seemed. The people that were being
trained were wearing dark colored tactical uniforms. They all contained
a patch on the shoulder that read T S A. The letters were similar
looking to embroidered letters that were bright colored on dark
background, with bright edges around the patch. The instructors did not
have T S A patches, but I did notice that the instructors at the firing
range had F B I patches. They were also wearing dark tactical
uniforms. The trainees were all being instructed on shooting, hand to
hand combat, and disarming a subject. I noticed all this while driving
in the car. All at once we were sitting in a chow hall cafeteria type
setting with these trainees. I was talking to them about why we would
be trained in these types of situations. That it was to disarm the
citizens of the USA, and would they be ok with doing that. I remember
trying to be quiet and stay out of the "overseer's" vision while talking
with these people. The overseers would walk around keeping watch over
the trainees. They seemed to be ok with what they were about to do. We
discussed heaven a little bit as well. I got the feeling that this was
not a military type boot camp as much as it was a law enforcement
academy training facility. I recognized the very training that I
received while I was in the police academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The
people at the table didn't seem very smart, but ready to do whatever
they were told. I don't remember anything else about where this was
located or whomever else was involved in the training.

Maybe you have somebody that can interpret what this means; if anything
at all. I just thought you might want to know this. I don't normally
wake up remembering dreams this vividly. Thank you for your time.


Dec 31, 2012

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