I looked up and saw a flock of black birds flying in the shape of a perfect pentagram


I just had the most terrible prophetic dream. I was at a diner waiting for
my lunch to be served when I looked up and saw a flock of black birds
flying in the shape of a perfect pentagram. This was fall and these birds
should have been starting to fly south for the winter but these were flying
due north straight up Rt 1 in Massachusettes headed for Boston. The people
started freaking out and we ran to a building. For some reason we all went
up to a floor that was warm and cozy. It had several pool tables and
people started playing pool, I went over by the fire and saw a throne in
the fire made out of a Christmas tree. It was not being consumed. The
Holy Spirit immediately told me that the man of sin is here and he's coming
for his fiery throne

I'm not one to have many dreams but I have been praying lately for
discernment and have specifically asked the Holy Spirit to use me in any
way he sees fit. This was the most realistic dream I've ever had. We all
need to be ready. As others find comfort and leisure in the man of sins
rule we must cling tight to our faith and the love and promise of Jesus.
We will not be comfortable. We will not be playing pool. We who know who
he is will be mocked, and rediculed, our homes and businesses destroyed.
It will be the hardest thing anyone has ever had to go through. He's
coming soon. He's coming very soon.

God bless and thank you for all you do to prepare Gods people for what's to


Sep 19, 2015

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