Regardless don't be deceived in the days to come. They will say peace, peace, where there is no peace.

Brother Steve. I dreamed this in the early morning of today. 9-22-15. I was
not thinking of the Pope or Islam at all recently. But this played out very
vividly as I slept.

I walked into old large church, one I use to go to. As I stepped through
the doors it was crowded with excitement and anticipation. I was looked at
rudely by some church leaders holding the door. Reason being was Pope
Francis was the speaker and I just stepped up on his bullet proof golf cart
style car that was just about to escort him to the the pulpit. As I crossed
through it I stepped off of it to take my seat. I was given scolding looks
from modern day pastors and church charismatic mainstream leadership. How
dare him step up on the popes ride. Even the popes escorts approached me as
if to question me but they just looked me in the eyes and walked away. They
left me alone as I took my seat.

The church was the most crowded I had ever seen it. It was packed with
Christians and Muslims. The message was anti-Christ in nature, one of
co-exist. I watched excitement build from the Muslims as they rallied with
signs and protest from the church pews. Not only did it give Islam great
joy to be backed and accepted by Pope Francis and Christianity, it gave
them a feeling of entitlement to accelerate their beliefs and their radical
barbaric behavior and hostility in the church and towards anyone who would
not accept the New World Order.There was a sense of peace that permeated
the message but I knew it was false. Like old faithful I could tell this
geyser was going to blow. I could tell that this peace was not real and it
would be short lived. You could say it would be a super volcano, an
eruption into the face of true Christianity. There was more to this that I
don't fully understand but I will share some of it anyways.

As I set In the pews spectating I watched Christians and Americans fall
into a trance. Sage was being passed around. A believer turned around to me
and said "Don't inhale the sage, don't smoke it.. It will get you high but
it will dehydrate you" another believer said to me "It's deadly'. I watched
people all around nodding off and staring like zombies,while Islam praised
and rejoiced from the Christian church pews.
I then was taken to another scene. I was driving down a road with a fellow
brother in the faith we were riding past normal American houses. As we
drove past them the scenery quickly turned to fields and woods. We came up
on a back entrance to a national park. We were both surprised as we didn't
expect to see or find any park in this area. I woke up.

I feel this national park represented a place of refuge and protection in
the spirit for those who would not compromise in this hour. It also could
be a place of major future activity, that I don't know.

Regardless don't be deceived in the days to come. They will say peace,
peace, where there is no peace.
I am the way, and the truth, and the reality; no one comes to the Father
but through Me. - Jesus the Christ

Sep 22, 2015

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