December 12, 1992. In my dream it seemed I was in front of the apartment building where I live. As I was standing and looking at the overhead clouds, a black bird of a gigantic size suddenly appeared. It was coming toward the ground with great speed. As it approached, it spread its wings. When I looked, I saw that something was written on the wings. It said, "Power has been given to me to be able to come against the Christians in a short time."

On the beak of the bird was written, "I want to make war against the true Christians. Those that serve God with the hearts, their lives, and their actions––not only in name. We'll see if they will be able to stand up against me. . . We'll see. . . I am a warrior. I fight against Christ."

This bird of indescribable size was never calm. It soared up and down. As I watched, I was able to see how terrifying and mean it looked. Suddenly it dropped a ribbon which said, "It will not be long before I will declare war against the Christians. I myself will fight with all my strength." Again it began to soar upwards. Then suddenly a cloud of rain, thunder, and lightning appeared! A lightning bolt hit the bird, and it fell to the earth. To me it seemed dead. Feeling great joy that it was dead, I went to study it more closely. As I was looking, it raised its head and said, "Do you really think I'm dead? I just played dead because I did not want Christ to be mad at me. In a short time, though, I will be allowed to fight against the Christians in this country."

Then it shot up like an arrow and circled over me once. It dropped a letter that was written in English. I gave the letter to my daughter to read. It said, "I was given power on earth to fight against all those that serve and do the work of God. I have succeeded in destroying some; and others, I have taken prisoner. In a short time I will be allowed to fight against you and others like you." Lucifer.

Terrified and troubled by my dream, I woke up and told my family. Now I am also telling it to you. DIMITRU DUDUMAN

Oct 18, 2015

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