My child what have you not been given? Have I not covered you with my beloved creation of beauty in all things? The oceans that spring forth food for your bodies, plants that cover the ground and give you nourishment and sustenance. Have I not given you the forest to provide you with wood for your homes, animals for food and for enjoyment, and to balance out nature?

I have given you streams to quench your thirst, and to provide water for your plants. The birds of the air give beauty for the eyes to behold and the sounds of natural to sooth your weary souls. Every gift and provision for your life I have given to you as a testimony of my faithfulness. I have lavished you with great blessings, greater than any other nation. And now because you have turned away from Me and My word, you have become the harlot who corrupts all other nations. They have drunk the cup of your wickedness, and have been partakers of your corrupt and vial ways.

You have sent out your butchers who have slaughtered the innocent and have taught wickedness to the world. You have proclaimed evil good and good evil. You have turned your back on Israel and conspired to destroy her my beloved land. I have sent my watchmen to warn and I have sent my prophets to call for repentance and you did not listen.

Well Hear Me Now…..before your very eyes death and destruction will come quickly. In one moment you will feel like you have peace and next destruction will be upon you. All your understanding will be gone and all that you feared most will come upon you. I will no longer wait for you to repent, the stench is more than I can stand and the innocent have cried out far too long. I have given you over to the prince of the earth, destruction is his desire, and oppression is what he understands most.

I longed for a deep and abiding relationship with you, but you divorced me and my love for you. You shunned me and all the blessings that I lavished upon you. You turned your back upon me at every turn, because your heart was full of lustful desires. Those who stay true to Me, the Alpha and Omega, I will abide in you, truth, grace and protection. Live faithful until the time of your homecoming, it will not be long. Pray for my precious Israel, and my chosen ones who will see the true Messiah shine and who will come and take them home.

Be ready for your Bridegroom commeth soon.

Oct 26, 2015

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