I went on your dreams and visions this morning and I was literally blown
away. I had the same dream about two months ago. It seemed so absurd that I
didn't tell anyone but I've take it to the Lord numerous times because it
was that disturbing. In my dream I am with a lot of people, all business
types and athletes, and we are getting ready for some kind of presentation.
Suddenly there is massive chaos and we all realize that "it's here". I go
outside to make my way to the main building so I can help people, and
people around me are crying/laughing that finally it's here ( they're so
relieved that it is finally here because the wait has been so agonizing) I
get to the shores of the other building and the waves are coming in like
crazy, no one can survive it. I look up on the banks and there are all
these Chinese soldiers with these really weird long guns coming down. I run
into the building for safety and realize that I don't have any pants on. I
go to grab some jeans and right then this huge wave of water with demons on
top of it hits the glass of the building and the sound is so deafening, so
ominous, like a thousand demons screaming all at once. I turn to warn the
others and tell them we have to get out of here now, then I realize thR I
barely have my pants on and that I'm still barefoot. I wake up laying in my
bed shaking and crying and asking the lord to help us all be ready and not
be caught with our pants down and without shoes. I've only told one other
person this but it has haunted me ever since. I can still hear the sound of
those demons screaming. When I read your new dreams and visions where the
guy said "we will be caught with our pants down" I almost threw up. Just
wanted to share.

Dec 7, 2015

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