DREAM OF $300 Silver

Good Morning Steve,

I hope you are feeling better. You have been in my prayers. I need to share a dream I had, it was quick not like my others. I dreamt I woke up and put on the coffee, I turned on the TV the announcer sounded frantic...he said silver shot up over night and its over 300 an ounce that markets are crashing and there is pandemonium everywhere. He said that silver was out performing gold?????. They then showed scenes of people panic buying in food stores and chain stores just throwing whatever they could into their wagon...I awoke went to your site to check the price of silver. Boy was I relieved to see the price, I feel my dream was a huge warning and that people need to get what they need NOW. Heed the HAWK and STEVE....Your Sister in Christ...


Jan 2, 2013

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