I fear not the things that are unknown in the days ahead My hope is in Jesus Christ and all the things He said.

According to the Gregorian calendar we have come to the end of another year,
Twelve months are now relegated to history and what lies ahead is soon premiered.
Little can be undone from the year expired but I wonder what the New Year brings?
All men wonder what lays ahead, whether they are old or young or pauper, prince or King.
Will the days ahead bring relief to struggling families?
Will they see increase in wealth and health and prosperity?
Or will the New Year bring the collapse of the world’s failing economies?
Will wisdom be seated in the minds of men or will fools keep waiting to win the lottery?
I wonder what the New Year might bring in regards to war or peace.
Will new turmoil be our plight or will the conflicts cease?
Will the agenda to remove the greater part of the human population
Be achieved by the followers of Lucifer in great conflagration?
What of the Presidency? Will there be elections in the USA?
Will we fall under martial law and be required to do as “they” say?
Will the Islamic state achieve its caliphate?
Will the anti-Christ be revealed? Will we see his face?

I wonder what the New Year might bring. Will it bring unnatural beings?
Will there be an alien savior; offering to humanity healing?
We are under the influence of those with malevolent plans
And the people have swallowed the lies almost to a man.
I wonder what the New Year will bring when I think of Cern.
I shudder when I think of all the things I’ve learned
From the Watchmen on the wall shouting out the warnings
I fear the New Year brings to man a season of great mourning.

Portals, demons and UFO’s, the loss of freedoms and our Constitution,
Transhuman, inhuman and beast technology and Christian persecution.
The list is long when you stop to think; what will the New Year bring?
God’s judgment is just and harsh this could be the year we feel its sting.

Of all the things a New Year brings there is one thing for which I plea
That with the turning of the calendar the New Year brings us to our knees.
God held His judgment in times past when a man named Moses prayed
Does there remain enough voice for His hand to yet be stayed?

I fear not the things that are unknown in the days ahead
My hope is in Jesus Christ and all the things He said.
He knows the plans He has for me, plans for hope and for a future.
Destruction lays in wait for those who have chosen Lucifer as their suitor.

I wonder? What will the New Year bring?
Death is no respecter of persons; are you ready to meet the King of Kings?
Are you ready to face those things that may come in this New Year?
We are warned the things that come will cause men’s hearts to fail from fear.
What will the New Year Bring?
By Randy Conway

Dec 31, 2015

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