God has shown me the spacecraft they have and who is manning the ships, and also what they are using them for. To the humans this is all amazing technology but really it is very ancient.

Before I start I just want to state that I am not involved in the occult or the new age and I live a pretty clean life, I don't listen to intentionally or own any secular music. I read the bible daily, and pray with my wife when we both have the opportunity and we always see God move very quickly. I move in the gifts of the spirit and have prayed for people and seen God heal them instantly, I never give credit to myself God is the healer through Jesus Christ.

I had my first fallen angel encounter at the beginning of 2008 and that was my first encounter with a particular angel that I began to see quite often. It was in a dark cloak with a high collar, and had a pale complexion and dark hair. I was in Waihi, a small town in New Zealand which is steeped in mining history when I saw this being, I was staying at my mothers and it appeared at the end of my bed. What surprised me was it was as tall as the ceiling. Below the being I saw in white letters standing out "NEPHILIM, WATCHER, FALLEN ANGEL"
The other details were that I could see an umbilical chord coming from the back of this being's back that went out of the bedroom and up into the air toward a a black top hat shaped UFO, the words "UFO" also appeared above the craft like a sign. I also want to note during this experience I could see clearly in a dream state. I did not have the chance to rebuke the being in the name of Jesus, it simply disappeared on it's own and I woke.

When the revelation was revealed about the giant with supernatural strength being a direct descendant of mine all these experiences and abilities my family members have all of a sudden made sense. God revealed to me that there are giants living underground right now and the U.S government knows all about it. I saw that Obama was being briefed on this information a few years back. In this vision it was like I was in the room next to him and he was on the telephone. These giants were hybrids, some were twice the height of a normal human. These giants were living underground in bases and some were actually in orbit around the earth in spacecraft, they were trying to formulate a deception to fool the earth. The deception centered on where they would lie and tell the world where they came from.

God revealed to me that the NAZI's are alive and we'll. I have been multiple times over the last decade more than any time period being under electronic attack while I have slept. I would be laying asleep and hear an electronic sound in the room and then a beam would scan over my body, this beam seemed to be coming through the wall of the house and up from the sky. I would rebuke the beam in Jesus name or call on the Lord to send his angels to intervene and it would stop. After the experience God told me as I slept that the NAZI's are after me. It was a troubling thing to hear and I was just trying to understand where these NAZI's could possibly be hiding.

What the Lord has shown me is that fallen angels gave the NAZI's information and motivation to do what they needed to do. These fallen angels also have been in direct contact with the U.S military and NASA and have provided them with technical know-how on how to get off this world and travel to other star systems. The current space program is a huge fraud. The space shuttle NASA used to use is an ancient design that the fallen angels gave. The shape of the craft is similar to the shape of the craft the giants used in ancient times, it has just been scaled right down. The real space program that is operating from earth is interstellar. God has shown me the spacecraft they have and who is manning the ships, and also what they are using them for. To the humans this is all amazing technology but really it is very ancient.

I want to re-state I am not involved in the occult and I have even renounced the sins of my ancestors and broke off all hereditary ties.
I want to tell you a few things about earth's past that God has revealed to me, it was a shock to hear it myself. It lines up with scripture and makes sense.

Atlantis was a real place and humans had colonized the moon, and Mars.Inter-planetary travel was normal in those days. Satan was here on earth as a ruler in a time before Adam and Eve. This was a binary star system until Satan's fall and the whole known world then was thrust into chaos. The angels that were ruling with Satan are and still on the loose and active as Satan is. That is why there are still fallen angels moving freely around the earth. They are not the same angels from Genesis 6:4 rebellion that are imprisoned in the earth.

When God placed Adam and Eve on the earth Satan's rebellion and fall had happened quite along time before. Satan was now not the ruler of earth but Adam and Eve were and he hated them for it. We then have the second rebellion when the watchers fell in Genesis 6:4 and the re-emergence of angelic hybrids on the earth.

Because of my God given ability to see and discern I have been under attack not only by Satan himself but evil world government agencies like the New World Order. They have their own psychic's, remote viewers that have tried to kill me in my sleep. God has always woken me up to pray and told me the reasons why, like they are on their way to kill you and burn your house down, wake up and pray. Or and huge angel has landed near my house and just pointed at my house and all the evil powers have fled.

I have more to say and will write more soon, please feel free to ask any questions.


Jan 24, 2016

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