Dream from reader 1-2-13

On new years day I had the most vivid clear orderly dream I have ever had.
I was outside a farm house and I looked up in the sky at what I thought was
a U.F.O. Then I sensed that they knew I was looking at them. It turned
belly up and I saw U.S.A.F. It took off straight up in the sky. About a
minute later it landed straight down next to the house. A young man
dressed in military fatigues walked up to me. I immediately saw he had
photo I.D on a lanyard I demanded to see it or I told him I would shoot him
for trespassing. He just stood there looking at me. A senior office
jumped out of the aircraft. He came over and I demanded to see his photo
I.D. Reluctantly they showed me. I asked them what their business was.
He said I need all your pistols, rifles, and shotguns with ammo now. I
told him no way I have a 2nd amendment right and that he wasn't getting
them. At that point tensions rose and the dream ended.

On 01/01/11 The Lord told me there would be civil war in america soon.
After this dream I awoke and knew that it would come to pass this year.

J in Ohio

Jan 2, 2013

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