I thought in my mind, how could they have been able to mount such a massive attack without our defense systems intercepting. Instantaneously, I knew that this invasion was allowed and coordinated within our government along with the other nations attacki

First Dream:
It was a bright sunny day. I was in a nice park. It was spread out in an open area surrounded by different shops and restaurants. There were a decent amount of people walking around and enjoying the day. There was a sudden shift in the dream, one by one people began looking up in the sky and pointing. I, too, looked up and saw what appeared to be hundreds if not thousands of small dots flying high in the air. It took only a moment for me to recognize that those small dots were in actuality, planes flying high in the air. Out of these planes were came out thousands of parachuting soldiers. It was like out of a scene from a movie. The entire sky was filled with them. I also saw helicopters and fighter jets but my focus what on the parachuting soldiers. Through If was eerily quiet as people continued to look and there was a sense of both awe and also unbelief. There was then another sudden shift in the dream. Out of no where came these drones that had these guns on them. There were quite a few of them and they were flying just above the tree line and began shooting people. As people realized what was happening complete panic ensued. People began running everywhere trying to find cover and escape. I, also knew I had to find safety and began praying out loud as I ran for God to help me. I remember saying something like "help me Jesus" over and over as I ran. I saw a building behind me and I instinctively knew it was a church and that is was going to be the only safe place for me to go so I ran as fast I could towards it. As I ran I remember seeing a symbol on one of the helicopters that I knew was Russian. I thought in my mind, how could they have been able to mount such a massive attack without our defense systems intercepting. Instantaneously, I knew that this invasion was allowed and coordinated within our government along with the other nations attacking. It was a complete inside job that had been allowed.

Second Dream:
This dream was short but it began as I was an observer at a bar. People were carrying on as normal, drinking and watching tv and talking. I believe it was more of an outdoor bar kinda of like on a beach. Although things were happening around me, my focus was on the bartender and what she was doing. As bartenders do, she was cleaning the top of counter area with rag but it was not a typical rag it was the American flag and it was all dirty and discolored. I remember thinking how that was so disrespectful. It made me feel sad how the flag looked all dirty and discolored being used for such a demeaning job. The woman seemed completely oblivious to what she was doing. The dream then shifted to a close up picture of the the charred remains of the American flag that was placed on top of a brand new undamaged American flag. I immediately thought of a funeral type service. It looked very formal. The burnt flag looked like it had been through much and was charred and burnt up but I could still make out it's remains. The undamaged flag served as a casket/urn for the burnt flag as it was being wrapped up.

Third Dream:
This dream is difficult to explain from a natural perspective but in the dream I really understood what was happening and just knew certain things. It began in a covert location where I saw a team of about 10 high level elite military soldiers, they were like seals or recon. I knew in the dream that these guys were good guys, they were active military and they were patriots. The location of this dream was like a "dark" top secret hangar/location. These "good" guys had broken in to find out what the "bad" guys, basically the government was planning. What they saw was angering to them and they were grieved but they didn't seem all that surprised. In this hanger were very modern and highly sophisticated staging sets, like you might see when people do filming for a show on tv or movie. What made this odd however was there were several rooms with the same staging, almost identical. The only thing different was there were certain things shifted in each room that was different than the others. Each room resembled a mock crime scene. I knew in the dream that each of these rooms represented a false flag plan. They represented the same plan but it was as if whoever was orchestrating this was planning it to such a minute level that they were using these life sized dioramas to look at every nuance and angle of what they were planning. I also knew that each of these scenes also represented an official story, kind of like a staged crime scene. This fits into what we have been seeing for a while regarding official stories and how they are presented to the public. The dream shifted suddenly when another larger group of elite bad soldiers come rushing in. I knew in the dream that the good soldiers had been set up. There was a brief fire fight where two of the good soldiers were killed and another one of them was identified as the traitor who had informed the bad guys that they were coming. He was the Judas. I remember seeing the face of one of the good soldiers as he found out his friend had betrayed their team. Such pain and hurt. The traitor soldier was wounded in the firefight and I think the bad guy soldiers killed him as I saw that he died. The rest of the good soldiers escaped. I knew in the dream the traitor soldier had made a deal with the bad solders because they had threatened or taken his family hostage. Although this can have some very symbolic meanings, I believe there are literal aspects to this dream and we need to really pray for the good guys that God has placed in the military, in government, and law enforcement and keep them and their families covered.

Feb 11, 2016

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