Tech-tattoos and bio-locks on phones, Smart tv’s so “they” can watch us in our homes, My credit card has an implanted chip, Who are the technocrats who want us in their grip?

Around the world people can feel the rumble and hear the sounds
As Cern beats against the gates of hell to free the giants out of the ground.
As the collider ever increases the Tev; against the portals they continually pound
And as the noises perplex the masses I am wondering what they have found.

Tech-tattoos and bio-locks on phones,
Smart tv’s so “they” can watch us in our homes,
My credit card has an implanted chip,
Who are the technocrats who want us in their grip?

Transhuman, Transgender, Transgovernment, Translife;
The agenda to alter humanity is growing increasingly rife.
Genetic engineering to alter the seed of man so we will be transhuman
Began Long ago when age of the world was still antediluvian.

To change and alter what is a man is an ancient dark and practiced plan.
Before the fallen angels bred with humans, which by God was expressly banned.
Deep in Eden Eve fell to temptation and with Satan she did breed,
And so was born the enmity which still exists between the seed.

Genetic mutations then followed and dimensional portals were crossed.
Abominations flourished as war raged against pure seed, it was a genetic holocaust
The Creator God had His fill of this Trans-human plague, and the corruption of the blood
To remove the plague destroying man and seed, God sent a cleansing flood.

What are the goals behind today’s technology and the desire to alter our genetics?
What is a man if not body, spirit and a soul? The coming mutation would be synthetic.
Will this science give us gods or giants? Will this “science of deity resurrection” deliver our demise?
And what of the machines being built to learn? What becomes of man when machines begin to rise?

If God would not tolerate the earlier attempts to mutate his creation
Then it is a fool who believes He will tolerate our present day mutations.
God’s coming judgment will be fast and fierce and harsh,
“Trans” is the transition changing this age into an apocalyptic march.

Today’s fallen angel technology comes with an enormous price,
It will be like Eve’s unholy curiosity which produced a painful sacrifice.
The goals for Transhumanism and fallen angels seem very much the same
And now, just as then, to counter God’s perfect plan will only result in pain.

Can we survive gene editing or the coaptation of man and machine?
The splicing of technology and human DNA to bring a new regime.
GRIN technology, the JASONS and Illuminists desiring a new Atlantis
Spouting all the benefits and “heaven scenarios” in order to enchant us.

Was not Nimrod enchanted with the gateway to God and became a gibborim?
Are we not enchanted with the gateway to God as Cern plays with particle beams?
Was the world not flooded in ages past and the tower of Babble fall?
Can man pretend to be greater than God with no fear of what will befall?

Will not a great whirlwind from the coasts of the earth be raised?
God will judge the inhabitants of earth as He has done in former days.
The peaceable habitations are cut down because of the Lord’s fierce anger,
In such storms of Judgment Jesus is our only salvation, He is the only anchor.

By Randy Conway

GRIN technology – genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology

JASONS - JASON Advisory group, an independent organization of scientists that advise the U.S. government in matters regarding science and technology.

Cern – Referring to the LHC particle collider in Cern Switzerland.

Gibborim – A “Mighty Man” Nimrod began to become a gibborim, Like the offspring of the fallen angels referred to in Genesis 6:4

Tev – a unit of energy

Antediluvian – referring to very old in reference to Biblical use refers to before the flood.

“science of deity resurrection” – A portion of the Chapter Title to chapter 8 of Zenith 2016 by Thomas Horn.

Jeremiah 25:30-38

Feb 15, 2016

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