Steve-Amidst all the chaos happening around us all, I was able to get away and reflect for a bit the other day. Hope these words might be a blessing to you. Thank you for what you're doing.

Give me dreams – Give me visions
That I may make right decisions.

Let me hear from Your throne;
That You are my guide; You Yourself, and You alone.

There are so many stories that draw me to grieve;
But I don’t know what to do – or who to believe.

Speak to me whispers – Speak to me truth.
Divine comfort: ARISE! From the God of my youth.

Lead me to water – Fill me with bread;
Let not thine enemy strike down my head.

Is this nation so great – or is this all distortion?
Protecting children from gun violence – craving full-term abortion.

Genocide abounds against those with no voice;
God may you destroy our free will and take away our pro-choice.

By Your mercy come down like a dove on your bride.
Dwell within all Your people and take away all our pride.

Come and show us revolution – change our very definition;
Rise up your remnant to stand against the son of perdition.

The time is nigh – Earthquakes, volcanoes – disaster multiplies;
Our law striking truth from free speech and encouraging lies.

Men obsessed with themselves, begging destruction of reason;
Blinding those who had sight, binding shame to their freedom.

Decency has ended; Everybody’s offended;
Those with questions apprehended; Their destruction intended.

Entire groupings of birds are dropping in masses;
Sudden death to whole species and varying classes.

Falling stars and new planets; Robotic inventions;
Science boasts of transgenics and spanning dimensions.

Secret clubs drunk with power and hell-bent on destruction;
Are hungry for evil; Alchemizing justice to corruption.

Wars waged on the righteous by powerful seats;
Forcing debts on their people to enslave and defeat.

Lawless men spilling blood – governments filled to the brim;
LORD don’t illuminate us, lest we end up like them.

Come and fall on our spirits; make our bodies Your vessels.
And shine brighter than light and all things celestial;

Make your truth permeate every word – every angle.
All our souls overflow; all our quantum entangle.

The great battle awaits – victorious expectation
But until then give us the hearts of every tongue, tribe and nation.

That Your will be complete and Your glory made full.
Give us hearts like strong lions and the fury of bulls.

It’s the beginning of sorrows; Days of Chaos tomorrow.
Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Where HE goes – we will follow.GREG P

Feb 19, 2016

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